Audio Roundup

Audio Roundup 2023:17

by Joel Rich Have you ever been in an ashkenazi synagogue where a sfardi insisted on saying sfardi kaddish on an ongoing basis? If so, what was the rabbi’s/gabbai’s response, if any?? I assume at some point somebody is going to train chat GPT on responsa literature. Have you given any thought to this and the implications. Rabbi Moshe Sokoloff-Are ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Rav Soloveitchik’s 30th Yahrtzeit

by Joel Rich Reflections on Rav Soloveitchik’s 30th Yahrtzeit Rabbi Neal Turk As a former shamash, R Turk introduces the program. Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman We continue the symposium of generations by being deeply rooted in the past but forward focused in perpetuating the Rav’s legacy.|video Rabbi Mayer E. Twersky The Rav represented chiddush (vs ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:16

by Joel Rich Listening to a shiur in the shower – recommended, permitted or forbidden? From a friend: One of the issues that has bothered me is the question of what nusach is used for reciting kaddish. For instance, does one who davens Ashkenazic but is davening in a Sephardic minyan recite kaddish in a Sephardic nusach? My understanding has ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:15

by Joel Rich We don’t do 39 mlachot based on mishkan building yet we do mlacha in the mishkan? Iirc rabbi rimon answers the question by saying that the building of the mishkan is really a preparation for the schina to dwell there and this preparation did not “outweigh” Shabbos. However, once the schina was there, its presence (and our ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:14

by Joel Rich If one has a choice of being one of the first 10 to the minyan or putting on taalit and tfillin in the entrance hallway of the building that has the shul, which gets priority? If one has a choice of being one of the the building that has the shul, which gets priority? From Tzarich Iyun ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:13

by Joel Rich If one wakes up before a lot, is it best to make all the birchot hashachar except lasechvi and birchat hatora or to just make the birchot hatora and learn until alot and then make all of the birchot hashachar? I wanted to ask about yaal kgam and general rules, such as the halacha is we hold ...

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Audio Roundup Special: R Bednarsh Shabbat 2023

by Joel Rich Hilchot Shabbat 20 (losh part 1) Introduction to losh – is the mlacha defined by adding water or mixing? Workarounds may include changes such as the mixing order, amounts, technique and viscosity. There are workarounds. Hilchot Shabbat 21 (Losh part 2) Continuation of losh with focus on the application of the workarounds outlined ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:12

by Joel Rich Comment to a magid shiur: I’ve often said what you said at the beginning about. “Chazal” being of more than one mind on an issue (especially hashkafically) , but that generally seems to be the absolutely last answer anybody wants to give. Have you seen any sources discussing this in any detail? Talmudic Arguments: The Use of ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:11

by Joel Rich From R’YBS ‘Historically Jews have fared poorly when subjected to the trial of wealth. When a Jew acquit excessive wealth, he becomes animal-like. While the nations of the world divert a portion of the wealth towards spiritual matters, towards culture, towards higher ideals, under similar circumstances the Jew takes on the trappings of a vulgar, cynical materialism. ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Torah In Motion Series

by Joel Rich Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Brody-Halakha, Public Policy, and End-of-Life Dilemmas Rabbi Dr. Yakov Yellin-A Code of Conduct for Business Consistent with Jewish Law and Tradition Rabbi Yosie Levine-Rabbi Yosef Karo and the Making of the Shulhan Arukh Dr. Daniel J. Lasker-How To Be A Jewish Philosopher Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Brody-Halakha, Public Policy, and End-of-Life Dilemmas Part 1 ...

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