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Audio Roundup Special: Rabbi Assaf Bednarsh Hilchot Shabbat

by Joel Rich Rabbi Assaf Bednarsh-Hilchot Shabbat-Gruss Kollel-Continuation Hilchot Shabbat shiur 43 (Rechitzah BeShabbat part 1) Gzeirat habalanim (no use of hot water on Shabbat even if heated prior to Shabbat) applications including bathing, showering, mikveh and swimming. Note some of these applications involve issues other than heated water.,-boneh-part-1)/ Hilchot Shabbat shiur 44 (Rechitzah part 2, ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Torah in Motion

by Joel Rich Three Torah-In-Motion Series Dr. Marc Herman-Who Were the Geonim and Why Do They Matter Yosef Lindell-The Origins of the Oral Torah Mental Health Dr. Marc Herman-Who Were the Geonim and Why Do They Matter Part 1 The history of Jewish settlement after churban bayit sheini resulted in large numbers of Jews  under muslim rule and the ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:23

by Joel Rich When we studied The Rambam’s Sefer Hamitzvot and Hilchot Yesodei Hatora we found that one of the first mitzvot was yirat shamayim which is often translated as fear of HKBH but we found it was better translated as a awe of HKBH. I came across an interesting new book, “ Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder ...

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Audio Roundup Special: R Yosef Blau

by Joel Rich This is a series of chaburot given by R Y Blau at Stern College. He intends to continue them in next fall’s semester.   Rabbi Yosef Blau-Kol Dodi Dofek Chaburah #1 History of Soloveitchik family, Zionism and kol dodi dofek. It was originally written and delivered in Yiddish and later translated to Hebrew (and edited ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:22

by Joel Rich It’s interesting that often the defense of higher tziniut dress standards is they are necessary because of the concomitant lower standards in the outside world. I wonder why we don’t see a similar movement demanding higher standards for a tzniut lifestyle for both men and women. An example might be that institutions should not encourage expensive events ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:21

by Joel Rich Bitter gelechter – R Lebowitz’s unique experience of someone asking a question about second day yom tov observance (at all, and of their regular rabbi) (me-R Y Adler seemed to become mora datra of a large geographic swath that he didn’t sign up for.) A recent article made the case that the shoa was sui generis in ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:20

by Joel Rich If something isn’t “mkubal”, even though it has significant mkorot, when does it become yuhara to do it? Four recent discussions I’ve had: saying al naharot bavel before birchat hamazon during the week, saying kriat shema with trop, putting on tallit and tfilin outside shul and saying hareini kaparat mishkavo for a parent in the first year ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:19

by Joel Rich Given that the kahal says the bracha for sfira/hallel after the shatz/rabbi, does your kahal answer Baruch hu Baruch shmo to the shatz/rabbi’s bracha? I was going to write a letter to Jewish Action concerning the artificial intelligence section, but realized it would be long enough for an article, for which I have no credentials. I just ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Aguda Brachot

by Joel Rich Iyunim B’Hilchos Brachos 2023 פרק כיצד מברכין   NOTE: These sessions have been continuing but Aguda has not posted any new ones since February. I will IY”H post the rest if, and when, Aguda posts them HaRav Shraga Kallus 2/1/2023-עיונים בהלכות ברכות Baked flour/water combinations make pot haba bkisnin. It’s not “chashuv” enough to be ...

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Audio Roundup 2023:18

by Joel Rich “One of the basic limitations of interpreting ancient text, lies, and comprehending the cultural references. When it comes to the meaning of physical gestures, biblical interpreters, engage in a good deal speculation, most of which means unsubstantiated.” This is a footnote in Dr. Yael Ziegler’s book on Lamentations (Iyov), but to me it’s a comment that reflects ...

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