Audio Roundup

Audio Roundup 2019:46

by Joel Rich Three important lessons (Kach mkublani mbeit avi abba v’imi morati and the R’YBS machzor) were reinforced in my Yom Kippur experience (1) HKBH owes us nothing, anything we get is chesed (2) Our efforts are up to us [and that’s what we’re judged on] the results are up to HKBH (3) In the end (sim shalom) we ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:45

by Joel Rich Anyone aware of any women who do not do mlacha after shkia during the period between Pesach and Shavuot? Men? (see S”A O”C 493:4) The chavot yair (252) was asked by a talmid chacham (TC) about the following circumstances: The TC’s cousin vowed to provide the TC with weekly wine for Kiddush. The TC would rather use ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:44

by Joel Rich An old question of mine but I’ll try again. Why is the minhag haolam (common practice) to ask for mechilla (forgiveness) during asseret ymai tshuva (10 days of repentance) rather than before Rosh Hashana (when the initial judgment is written down)? Dream, Dream, Dream (HT – The Everly Brothers). Chazal seem to have mixed feelings about dreams ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:43

by Joel Rich A caterer recently told me that a segula for parnassa is to wrap leftover bread separately for disposal. Anyone know the source (I couldn’t find it) although I’m guessing it’s based on Chulin 105b (getting rid of even crumbs directly can cause poverty – at least in certain cases). So should all bread (food?) be treated like ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:42

by Joel Rich I’m thinking that practical psak (or really a poseik) may develop less like Brisker Booleanism and more like machine learning/deep learning/neural networks with back propagation and I’m not sure how much of the weight adjustments are conscious vs. not.(OK-just shake your head and move on) Just a thought – the gemara tells us that any bracha given ...

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Audio Roundup Special

by Joel Rich The well known 2019 Tanakh Study Days at Herzog College / Yeshivat Har Etzion shiurim are reviewed below but first a book review:   Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein – Return and Renewal: Reflections on Teshuva and Spiritual Growth     These essays are taken primarily from R’ Lichtenstein’s teshuva drashot and are food for thought year round (we pray ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:41

by Joel Rich “We have seen that halachic scholars throughout the centuries have exerted great effort to justify the common practice of women to wear jewelry on Shabbat. In today’s milieu, however, there is a greater consciousness of legal texts among the general populace, and many people wish to adopt an optimal standard of halachic practice. How should a woman ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:40

by Joel Rich Recent correspondence: Sholom u’vracha, I ran across an article that was fascinating to me in The Lehrhaus. It strikes me that both of you might enjoy it. I’ve noticed that, in particular, RJR, many of your comments on Avodah, as well as in your Audio Roundup (btw, I love Audio Roundup, and I also enjoy your lead-off ...

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Audio Roundup Special – Orthodox Union Torah New York 2019

by Joel Rich Torah in NY INDOORS AT CITI FIELD ONE PLACE. ONE TORAH. ONE PEOPLE     Two insights from the R’YBS machzor:   How accurately is kavod defined here when measured against the definition used by most seekers?     Kavod becomes a negative trait, however, when it gets confused with gedulah, which can be loosely translated ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:39

by Joel Rich I’ve received a suggestion that I pick three shiurim a week as my top picks. What do you think of the suggestion? If you like it, what basis would you suggest (e.g. comprehensiveness, entertaining, out of the box…)? A thought for Tu B’AV: R’SBG (taanit 30b) designates the two most yamim tovim (holidays) Yom Kippur and Tu ...

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