Audio Roundup

Audio Roundup 2020:5

by Joel Rich From Ikeep: The results were absolutely frightening. We found that 27% of the over 400 who responded admitted to using their phones on Shabbos, either as a one-time thing or routinely. Let that sink in: One in every four Modern Orthodox high school students would admit to breaking Shabbos, a fundamental aspect of our collective Jewish identity. ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:4

by Joel Rich On giving rebuke as codified in S”A vs mimetics: ein hachi nami-and there are driviers manuals as well -would u rather drive with someone whose parent had trained him to drive as a youngster on the farm but never read a manual or a genius who memorized the manual but had never sat behind the wheel? IOn ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:3

by Joel Rich BTW another Torah U’mada moment – some current research on memory indicates most of it is reconstruction and thus we don’t remember “unimportant” details (whose definition will vary based on each individual). Thus IMHO needing women’s testimony by women’s clothing may be based not on men not knowing differences but perhaps not retaining them. The Mishna Brurah ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:2

by Joel Rich My comment on a hilchot hochacha (laws of giving rebuke) shiur: imho an example of trying to codify something that is primarily mimetic. 100 shiurim can’t take the place of role models who demonstrate how to know when it will be accepted and how time and place define when to dig in your heels on what issues. ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:1

by Joel Rich From a post: On the one hand, a frustrating element of arbitrariness surrounds umbrella use on Shabbos. Why do we act strictly on this issue, which is hotly debated among authorities, while acting leniently on other disputed issues? God’s will, as defined by halakhah, should not be subject to historical accident. On the other hand, like an ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:52

by Joel Rich A High School student causes a teacher to be fired with false testimony that only his parent can refute. The parent lies to protect the child. What percentage of people would do this? (orthodox vs. non?) 2 from today’s Wall St Journal 11/18/2019 For those who thought my actuarial musings about China over the years were a ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:51

by Joel Rich I heard a shiur that in some ways was one of the saddest I’ve heard and it applies to all streams of orthodoxy. Those who are able to retire who become a burden on their spouses are a reflection of our failure to properly prepare them by having them live a life connected to real limud Torah. ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:50

My response to a Thanksgiving post a bit back: 1. the opposition IMHO in the orthodox community is meta-hashkafic not micro-halachic (in perhaps a positive way)-how much ger and how much toshav?(mother’s day? Veterans day?) 2.The treatment we’ve gotten (BTW it wasn’t always so great but as Churchill (or Abba Eban )said : The Americans will always do the right ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:49

by Joel Rich On eating fish and meat together I’m hoping somebody can help me out with this. We’re looking into the question of eating fish and meat together. The Tur in o”c states that his father, the Rosh, would wash between eating meat and fish. טור אורח חיים הלכות בציעת הפת, סעודה, וברכת המזון סימן קעג וא”א הרא”ש ז”ל ...

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Audio Roundup 2019:48

by Joel Rich The story of Reish Lakish’s (r”l) leaving the banditry business and becoming a leading amora is fairly well known (see bava metzia 84a). Less well known is that with the seeming exception of rashi, everyone (see tosfot) seems to believe [based on the language here of hadrat = return and some chronology elsewhere] that he was a ...

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