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Audio Roundup 2020:23

by Joel Rich The mishna brura is full of examples where the author suggests avoiding the issue rather than providing an answer by picking one authority’s approach over another. It’s an approach – not sure why it found so much favor ( as in a ben tora doesn’t eat granola bars because of the difficulty in determining the appropriate blessings). ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:22

by Joel Rich Plato has Socrates describe a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall from objects passing in front of a fire behind them, and give names to these shadows. The shadows are the prisoners’ reality. Socrates ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:21

by Joel Rich In a discussion of who has daat torah, I commented: There’s a much more basic issue which is does any knowledge or exposure outside of ”pure Torah” pasul you or at least make your output more suspect The purists argue that this is in fact the case because you can never be sure where your results come ...

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Audioroundup Special: R’ YBS

by Joel Rich Shabbos 28: Kesher Shel Tefilin   The yud and/or daled of tfillin – halacha moshe misinai?  Since they’re not actual “writing” then they’re not tashmishei kedusha? Shabbos 30: Mutav Tichbeh Ner Basar V’Dam   R’Chaim was very “stringent” when it came to pikuach nefesh. Shabbos 31: Osakta B’Pirya V’Rivya?   Asakta ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:20

by Joel Rich Never did really understand how minhag hamakom got trumped by “family minhag” et al. This from one who today did not put on tfillin on chol hamoed for the first time (as a recent oleh). If the meitim yodim, I’m quite sure my ancestors are crying existential tears of joy as it is in their merit that ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:19

by Joel Rich two corona points 1. introspection is always good. as R’YBS said don’t ask why but what (does HKBH expect of me). if the current situation gives us cause to focus, then use it. I’ve seen a lot of comments similar to : There have been various experts warning about the risks of a global pandemic, or even ...

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Audio Roundup: RCA Unconvention Special

by Joel Rich RCA UnConvention 2020 – Rav Herschel Schachter: How to Pasken Shailos         A great summary of R’H Schachter’s philosophy of psak.  Short summary – only a bar hachi/raui l’horaah should give psak for self (and others!).         Other points off interest include (per R’HS):  Sanhedrin was more like a kollel, they weren’t often asked for ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:18

by Joel Rich So why is a zoom “minyan” different than a woman putting on a tallit without tzitzit? (I think you know the story I’m referring to) Comment on those who continued to make minyanim, I’d love to have an intelligent discussion on the matter: 1. Those who view halacha as primarily chukim(positivist?) and so any clever “workaround/loophole” will ...

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Audio Roundup Special: The thought of R’ Aharon Lichtenstein

by Joel Rich   Rabbi Shlomo Zuckier: The thought of R’ Aharon Lichtenstein   The thought of R’ Aharon Lichtenstein. My general take has always been– R’Aharon was a highly nuanced thinker influencing in a time when nuance was continually losing favor.  He speaks to me but I’m not sure what percent of today’s MO/RZ resonates to his brand. ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:17

by Joel Rich One of the speakers at a recent chizuk gathering mentioned Kubler-Ross. I think it’s important to mention that it’s generally accepted now, even by her, that it was misunderstood that her stages were not meant as a linear progression Grief imho Is much like The opening lines of Anna Karenina-“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family ...

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