Audio Roundup

Audio Roundup 2020:32

by Joel Rich Note to a speaker: I honestly don’t see how A Rabbi could have enough bandwidth to have in-depth discussions with each of his students and congregations in the manner you describe as aspirational On retirees learning certainly it’s good to encourage them but ur younger and middle aged folks should know that if they don’t continue some ...

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Audio Roundup: NLI (Chicago Kollel) Yom Iyun

by Joel Rich Dr. Naomi Marmon Grumet-How Do You Feel About the Mikveh? An Open Discussion         Participatory discussion – what does mikveh mean to you? Mrs. Simi Peters–The King and the Matrona: Meaning and Methodology in the Mashal         The Medrash of the matron reflects three stages of the Jewish peoples’ history.  The prophets reflect fear, ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:31

by Joel Rich Boltzmann brain? Boltzmann brain argument suggests that it is more likely for a single brain to spontaneously and briefly form in a void (complete with a false memory of having existed in our universe) than it is for our universe to have come about in the way modern science thinks it actually did (I was mchavein ...

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Audio Roundup: R’YBS Daf Special #6

by Joel Rich  Shabbos 119; Kavod Yom HaKippurim  There’s a separate mchayev for kavod yom kippur.  Shabbos 122: Kol HaKeilim  Do all keilim have a sheim kli for muktzah purposes?  Shabbos 128: Chai Nosei Es Atzmo  What is the nature of the gezeirah concerning carrying (dragging) a tinok?  Shabbos 129: Pikuach Nefesh  ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:30

by Joel Rich Note to presenter on triage: Enjoyed your class, especially you’re putting it in terms of consequentialist versus formalists (I might’ve said deontologists) Especially interested in the issue of not using the priority categories in horiyot The statement that it’s difficult to do these days somehow doesn’t seem to have sufficient force for me. The more general question ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:29

by Joel Rich I do know that many folks resonate to the type of uplifting thoughts you, some of us however might find the following of value Our job is to play the cards we’re dealt (whether we find them attractive or not)consistent with our understanding of what HKB”H wants of us. We are part of the eternal people who ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:28

by Joel Rich Sean Carroll interviews Maria konnikova on his Mindscape podcast It’s almost monkly or Saintly this idea that the process and what we do is what we should be focusing our judgment on not the outcome. In the real world the idea of being results oriented sounds like accomplishment Me-Sound familiar? ============================================ From a blog post on diversity: ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:27

by Joel Rich II wanted to bounce an idea off of you all. I’m doing an ongoing class in Rambam’s Hilchot Yesodei Hatorah Last week we compared the Rambam’s concept of “knowing” (cognitively) Of God’s existence with Rav Lichtenstein’s Source of Faith piece which focuses on experience. It seems to me that there was a fundamental paradigm shift (as defined ...

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Audio Roundup 2020:26

by Joel Rich There are four identical quadruplets brothers, Robert, Simon, Larry and Judah. Robert , Larry and Simon are all asymptomatic carriers of the corona virus but Judah is not. The local law and rabbinic authorities require wearing a mask when going out in public but none of them do. The four brothers are not clearly identifiable, when seen, ...

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Audio Special: Rav Soloveitchik Daf Yomi

by Joel Rich Shabbos 87: Kal V’Chomer from Korban Pesach         Sippur ytziat mitzrayim as a kiyum in matzah, maror and emunah. Shabbos 88: Or’yon Tlisa’i         When the gemara says that the reason for having three aliyot are to parallel Torah, Neveim and Ketuvim, it meant that Torah includes all of those themes/elements.  Cohain, levi, yisrael ...

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