Audio Roundup

Audio Roundup 2021:15

by Joel Rich I certainly am of the school of every spare moment, I just wonder what a study would reveal concerning the long term impact of this philosophy. How many are inspired to greater heights and how many are myaeish at some level. I realize it’s a complex issue requiring its own analysis but I was struck (Baruch Shekivanti) ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Agudah Pesach

by Joel Rich   The series can be found here: HaRav Asher Weiss-הקדמה לענין בדיקת וביעור חמץ         Bdika prior to the 14th – lchatchila or believed?  bracha or not?  How do technological (artificial light) and societal (people are out at night) changes get reflected in halacha (candle/night bdika)?         What are the differences between zchira and sippur? HaRav Yitzchok ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:14

by Joel Rich Commenter: At the time when we had a Sanhedrin, there were no disputes (at least ideally). The Sanhendrin votes and that’s it = = = = = = = = = = = Me:Worthy of its own post – did they vote on specific cases or general rules? how strong was their sense of Stare decisis? What ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Mikdash and Memory

by Joel Rich   Mikdash and Memory A Tale of Jewish Love and Longing A Video Series with Straus Center Director Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik 1-Mikdash and Memory: The Temple vs. the Pantheon         Our continued attachment to every detail of the beit mikdash represents our longing for its eventual rebuilding. 7-Mikdash and Memory – Pesach: 70 CE ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:13

by Joel Rich While Trachtenberg also got to vaccinate some pop-culture celebrities he managed to take some selfies with them, but he didn’t take any with the Admorim. “I didn’t take selfies with the Admorim because that is not respectful,” Trachtenberg added that the Admorim get vaccinated in a separate room in order to protect their privacy. Me- Right to ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:12

by Joel Rich The human rights barrister and expert on coronavirus restrictions Adam Wagner said the advice had “hit the wrong tone”. “It was really about getting around the rules rather than keeping to the rules because of the danger of the virus,” Me- Sounds similar to what I’ve heard from R’ Asher Weiss R’ Asher Weiss mentioned at one ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:11

by Joel Rich From a letter to the editor: Although abortion is not necessarily considered to be an act of murder, it is nonetheless prohibited in accordance with Halakha (Jewish law). The statement that, “Jewish law has evolved and continues to do so,” is incorrect, as well. Any modern ruling is based on our teachings that go back to our ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:10

by Joel Rich IMHO the issue alluded to (in a post concerning orthodox non-compliance with Covid rules) may be more of one of not seeing the forest for the trees. When one is taught to look at the letter of the law exclusively one can forget about the spirit of the law. The goal becomes the technical compliance (e.g. claiming ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Agudas Yisrael-Hilchos Purim

by Joel Rich   I heard an interesting interview with Cal Newport concerning his new book, “Deep Work (rules for focused success in a distracted world).”  He recommends blocks of an hour of complete focus to maximize productivity.  (Me – chassidim harishonim gemara brachot anyone?) HaRav Asher Weiss-הקדמה להלכות מגילה         What are the individual halachic forces behind the morning and ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:9

by Joel Rich Is the paradigm of not taking money for torah learning more focused on the impact on the individual or the community? Bottom line IMHO on football – it’s technically halachically permitted to play until society as a whole determines the risk is inappropriate. I’d put watching in the category of entertainment which needs to be evaluated based ...

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