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Audio Roundup 2021:24

by Joel Rich ערוך השולחן חושן משפט סימן תכז סעיף יא כמו שהזהירה התורה על נפשו וממונו של חבירו כמו כן הזהירתו על שמירת נפשו וממונו שאין להוציאם על דברים של מה בכך ואין לאדם להוציא ממונו רק על הכרחיותו כדרך האנשים המכובדים ועל צדקות וגמ”ח שהם מהדברים שאוכלין פירותיהן בעוה”ז והקרן קיימת לעוה”ב והשם יתברך יזכנו לעולם שכולו טוב ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:23

by Joel Rich Just finished R’Dr. C. Soloveitchik’s collected essays III concerning chasidei ashkenaz and the raavad. The sociology of the chasidei ashkenaz, their host communities (both Jewish and not) and the interaction with French baalei tosfot is fascinating. The creativity/originality/personality/boldness… of the raavad (and rabbeinu tam) is noteworthy (enough said) I guess a true Brisker would say it only ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:22

by Joel Rich From David Brooks on the USA: “That basic sense of peoplehood, of belonging to a common enterprise with a shared destiny, is exactly what’s lacking today.” Me- how would you respond on behalf of klal yisrael ? In the latest advance, researchers in the U.S. and China announced earlier this month that they made embryos that combined ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:21

by Joel Rich Hallel, Yom Haatzmaut, Yerushalayim . אודְךָ כִּי עֲנִיתָנִי. וַתְּהִי לִי לִישׁוּעָה. אודְךָ כִּי עֲנִיתָנִי. וַתְּהִי לִי לִישׁוּעָה. אֶבֶן מָאֲסוּ הַבּונִים. הָיְתָה לְראשׁ פִּנָּה. אֶבֶן מָאֲסוּ הַבּונִים. הָיְתָה לְראשׁ פִּנָּה. מֵאֵת ה’ הָיְתָה זאת. הִיא נִפְלָאת בְּעֵינֵינוּ. מֵאֵת ה’ הָיְתָה זאת. הִיא נִפְלָאת בְּעֵינֵינוּ. זֶה הַיּום עָשה ה’. נָגִילָה וְנִשמְחָה בו: זֶה הַיּום עָשה ה’. נָגִילָה וְנִשמְחָה בו: ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:20

by Joel Rich From Times of Israel- This is about the chareidi community but I’ve said it for years about orthodoxy in general (see prenup history, bat mitzvah..)Yet change requires one underlying condition: It must happen quietly. Assumptions shift unacknowledged, new practices are treated as old and commonplace. But of course as a people now is a good time for ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:19

by Joel Rich Reading Rabbi Wiederblank’s massive “Illuminating Jewish Thought: Explorations of Free Will, the Afterlife, and the Messianic Era” There’s a lot of discussion (in some philosophical circles) of whether determinism (which seems accepted) rules out free will. Do many real people think about such things? Mishna Shabbat 6:6 -Jewish women in Arab countries may go out veiled, with ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Rav Ezra Bick on Tefillah

by Joel Rich שיעור#1         When the gemara describes the order of the daily brachot it starts with hamapil at night, and yet it seems focused on light (and death)?  The messages are about the proper avodat hashem of both night (sleep preparing for next day) and day. שיעור#2         Birchat asher yatzar was an amalgam of texts from ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Monei Mitzvot

by Joel Rich ספרי מניין המצוות של הראשונים: מגמות חינוכיות |  | הרב אליקים קרומביין שיעור 1 While the concept of 613 mitzvot is Talmudic, actual lists of mitzvot were a later development.  Post-geonic lists were more than just a listing.  The Smak was writing for the general public and included rabbinic mitzvot.  His focus was on ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:18

by Joel Rich This makes a lot more sense than what I was taught (that the Karaites had no mesorah): “There are, however, other ordinances in the observance of which we have been raised since the days of our fathers, and their fathers before them, and which are a matter of custom with us, which are not recorded in the ...

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Audio Roundup Special: GRA

by Joel Rich   הרב אליקים קרומביין | הגר”א ותלמידיו |     Food for thought – my impression is that top down networks seem to be more fragile than more distributed ones (think Tzahal vs. Syrian armed forces).  The more unstable the situation, the bigger the disadvantage.  How might this analysis apply to the Jewish community? (as a whole and ...

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