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Audio Roundup 2021:32

by Joel Rich This particular topic has always fascinated me (do the dead know what’s going on in this world) as the people seem to have concluded that they definitely do now as evidenced by all the wedding speeches I’ve heard 🙂 I always wondered whether they’re familiar with Rabbi Desslers insight from Rav Eibshitz that the extent they know ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:31

by Joel Rich To a pulpit rabbi -i’m glad people at least call you to try to understand tragedy but I really do wonder what they expect you to tell them I also wonder whether there’s a downside to the say tehilim emails. Do people think that they have been yotzeih by this and thus don’t have to do any ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Daily Mussar

by Joel Rich   Rabbi Moshe Taragin-Daily Mussar /NCSY Kollel Rabbi Moshe Taragin-Daily Mussar /NCSY Kollel : #1 Why Do We Study Torah Talmud torah must be at the center of an orthodox Jewish man’s life (no matter what you see at home).  It’s the closest approximation of HKB”H in this world.  Review of the big three questions asked ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:30

by Joel Rich My lace top(vs. high top ) thoughts to someone: When I first heard of the issue I assumed that those who prohibited were doing it on a meta halachic tzniut basis. I think your correspondence with Lakewood basically confirms that. I can certainly understand that argument in a time when the meta-issue of tzniut seems to be ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:29

by Joel Rich The Shulchan Aruch (o”c 90:9,11) discusses the preference of davening in a shul. I sometimes daven mincha in a very large shul which has both an inside and an outside minyan. The outside one is much more popular and I wonder if folks are conscious of this S”A. Thoughts? Could not many, if not most of the ...

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Audio Roundup Special

Agudah-Hilchos Bein HaMeitzarim Special HaRav Shraga Kallus: Wednesday 6/30/21-עיונים בהלכות תענית ובין המצרים         Zecher lchurban applications including: Leaving a bare ama (each room, shul, store, rental, where to place?); Leaving something out at a meal; and Music (avoid).         Interesting thought—how many times do chazal use the language of assur where they don’t mean it literally. HaRav Asher Weiss: Sunday ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:28

by Joel Rich From David Brooks: Over the past few decades, social media, the meritocracy and celebrity culture have fused to form a modern culture that is almost pagan in its values. That is, it places tremendous emphasis on competitive display, personal achievement and the idea that physical beauty is an external sign of moral beauty and overall worth. From ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:27

by Joel Rich R’Dr. C. Soloveitchik – Collected Writings III If halakhah is to regulate the office no less than the home, it must come to grips with an alien reality and give it recognition in its thinking. Both modern Orthodox and most chareidi communities have no need for any work on ‘Hoshen Mishpat’ similar to the Mishnah Berurah on ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:26

by Joel Rich Lessons in mortality: אמר: נח נפשיה דרב וברכת מזונא לא גמרינן! . הרבה תורה למדתי, והרבה תורה לימדתי. הרבה תורה למדתי – ולא חסרתי מרבותי אפילו ככלב המלקק מן הים, הרבה תורה לימדתי – ולא חסרוני תלמידי אלא כמכחול בשפופרת. Many may know the source of proper dress for tfila : הִכּ֥וֹן לִקְרַאת־אֱלֹהֶ֖יךָ יִשְׂרָאֵֽל But do you ...

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Audio Roundup 2021:25

by Joel Rich It occurred to me there’s a great juxtaposition in my tfila every morning. I start out with modeh ani focused on HKBH’s great compassion in giving me another day. A minute or two later I’m saying ma tovu focused or the beauty of klal yisrael. It’s between those two poles that one’s life dynamically oscillates. Despite his ...

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