Audio Roundup

Audio Roundup 2022:23

by Joel Rich My note to a darshan to gap year students: Nuance is always the hardest thing to communicate I’m not sure that there’s any good data out there but on the secular campus you might invoke Kahnemann-Tversky on baselines. That is the talmid may in fact be the one will be different, but without any strong argument to ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Rabbi Moshe Taragin

by Joel Rich Rabbi Moshe Taragin- Toras Ha’Geulah/Redemptive Sketches Toras Ha’Geulah/Redemptive Sketches Part 1: Redemptive Myopia and the Inability to Appreciate Redemption   Redemption is perceived on an instinctive emotional level. Toras Ha’Geulah/ Redemptive Sketches Part 2 : The Three Messianic Advances of the State of Israel   R Amital saw the State of Israel as ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:22

by Joel Rich Thoughts on Aveilut: In the sefer Meged Yesharim, R’ Sorotzkin relates that he heard that when RYBS was sitting shiva for his wife, R’ Hutner and R’ Pinchas Teitz came to be menachem avel and the three began to discuss why it is that when a father or mother r”l passes a way, there is a ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:21

by Joel Rich Thoughts on a free will vs hashgacha shiur: While I was listening to you it occurred to me that given the butterfly effect God has a number of ways to ensure that an outcome he wants will occur and I wonder then what algorithm would he use to determine which one of those number of ways to ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:20

by Joel Rich Blog -It is true that Torah students are allowed to rely on public funds for their livelihood. However, this permit is not so simple Me-I think what you’re seeing here is a example of how the human mind resolves cognitive dissonance. One would prefer not to live with the knowledge that one is doing something less than ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:19

by Joel Rich From the Ami Museum (formerly beit hatfutzot) The Jews of Babylonia did not regard themselves as exiles and made attempts to locate sites of Jewish historical importance in their vicinity that would actually testify to their local roots. That explains how they “discovered” the furnace in which Abraham burned the idols, the gravesite of Daniel the Prophet ...

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Audio Special: Agudas Yisrael Krias Hatora and Purim

by Joel Rich   Agudah-Iyunim Bhilchos Krias HaTorah 2022 HaRav Shraga Kallus 3/2/2022-IMPLICATIONS OF MISTAKES IN A SEFER TORAH Is kriat hatora from a pasul sefer tora a problem? The Rambam seems to think it’s OK so we can rely on him bidieved – meaning that when you discover an error you still get credit for the kria ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:18

by Joel Rich Rabbi Soloveitchik on the Days of Awe (Me- Why one selichot leader I know always seems like he has a huge weight on his shoulders) The second concept we derive from this passage is the unique role of the prayer leader (sheliach tzibur) in the Selichos services. The entire focus of the Selichos service rests on this ...

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Audio Special: Iyunim Hilchos Pesach 2022

by Joel Rich HaRav Asher Weiss 3/20/2022-SHAILOS U’TESHUVOS ON UKRAINE-Hesped for HaRav Chaim Kanievsky ZT”L Who was R CK and why he will be missed. Real time Ukraine shailot concerning possible pikuach nefesh and Shabbat. HaRav Shaul Katz 3/24/2022-אפיית המצות ודין שהיית Discussion of matza baking preparation concerns and methods of dealing with them.   ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:17

by Joel Rich From Yeshaya Leibowitz. My rough translation: The opinion of the Rabbi concerning who to vote for in the election is completely equivalent to the opinion of the zucchini salesman in the machaneh yehuda shuk   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Blog poster :And may Jews throughout the Golah come a bit closer to realizing that there is no place like home. ...

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