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Audio Roundup 2022:39

by Joel Rich Question: what is your pulpit rabbi’s policy concerning eating at his parishioner’s homes? What considerations should go into such a policy? The Rambam defines bnai noach marriage (Isut1:1) and divorce (Milachim 9:8) on a very prosaic basis (no documentation required). In our chabura we discussed this in terms of whether halacha builds on or supersedes mitvzot bnai ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:38

by Joel Rich The gemara (Sanhedrin 47a) says it’s a good sign for the departed if they are not properly eulogized (apparently it’s a “punishment”). If so, why don’t we see more people requesting they not be eulogized? If divorce is viewed as an option to prevent undue leverage (you’re stuck no matter what I do), why isn’t there a ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:37

by Joel Rich My comment concerning a shiur which discussed eulogies: From Your shiur it seems like the earliest sources were pretty clear that it’s for the honor of the departed and it was only later that the dual nature (also for the living)you articulated became accepted. In particular it seems strange that nobody before the gesher hachaim proposed that ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:36

by Joel Rich When the [Ukrainian] wedding celebrations were coming to the end (after a few days), wedding guests would put the parents of the bride or groom on a wagon and take them to the village inn (bar) for the so-called “selling of the parents,” which meant the parents had to buy everyone a drink. If the parents married ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Agudah Kriat Hatorah

by Joel Rich Inyanei Krias HaTorah -1 Which “neviim” established the cycle of not going three days without kriat hatora? Why do we read on Monday and Thursday? Inyanei Krias HaTorah -2 The gemara has two sources on requiring kriat hatora. How do we reconcile them with the timeline of the torah’s writing? Perhaps one is ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:35

by Joel Rich Could it be that interest and discussion of mashiach in Jewish sources was fueled by Christianity’s claim of his already having come? From the RJJ Journal I remember a discussion I had years ago with my Rosh Yeshiva, R Yitzchok Hutner, about a controversial policy statement made by one of the leading Torah figures of the time. ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:34

by Joel Rich A letter to the editor included the following quote regarding the lack of statistics to back up assertions in a prior article, “…as a Modern Orthodox community we pride ourselves in applying nuanced and scientific analysis to complex issues”. It’s my anecdotal observation that the community has not invested much in the way of resources to actually ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:33

by Joel Rich Poster-I have always found it strange that those who have made Aliyah want others to do the same, yet are unconcerned about the large numbers of Israelis who leave Israel….Shouldn’t this be at least as important concern as making Aliyah? Me-Sure, everyone has their own story. To me the question was, What will I answer HKB”H when ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Agudah Iyunim Bhilchos Shabbos Summer 2022

by Joel Rich HaRav Shraga Kallus 5/4/2022-INTRODUCTION TO HILCHOS SHIHIYA This shiur sets out some of the basic concerns for shhia, hatmana and hachzara and then discusses some practical implications. There’s a difference between a psychological concern that you’ll want to continue cooking and one that your act will look like cooking. HaRav Asher Weiss 5/1/2022-SEFIRAS ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:32

by Joel Rich Is a psak forever? Example- a pulpit rabbi holds a unique lenient position concerning grama on Shabbat. After his retirement, is every future congregant (and Rabbi) “bound” by that leniency? Are members of that congregation bound to inform visitors of their utilization of the leniency? I wonder in the case of the next generation inheriting the non-kosher ...

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