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Audio Roundup 2022:46

by Joel Rich Here’s a theme seen in some authorities on voting: שו”ת עשה לך רב חלק ב סימן סג אבל, אם יודע האדם במסתרי לבו שבחירה זאת שהולך לבחור אינה טובה לתקנת הקהל, ומצביע הוא כך משום שבקשוהו לעשות כן, וכל – שכן אם הבטיחו לו טובות הנאה (אגב, פרט זה יעויין היטב בשו”ת חתם – סופר חלק חו”מ ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Agudah Iyunim B’Hilchos Sukkah

by Joel Rich HaRav Asher Weiss 8/28/2022-ROSH CHODESH-SKIPPING A WORD IN HALLEL Hallel and hodaa – if you skip a word in hallel do you have to repeat the entire hallel? Are we allowed to pray for miracles? If so, what type? HaRav Simcha Bunim Londinksky 8/30/2022-INTRODUCTION TO HILCHOS YESHIVAS SUKKAH What level of kavana (and ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Dr. Marc Shapiro

by Joel Rich   Note that Dr Shapiro covers a number of interesting but unrelated topics in each shiur (in addition to the Reform movement topics). Dr. Marc Shapiro-The Rise of Reform and the Rabbinic Response (Part 1) Reformers have always existed as have sinners. Reformers in thought and practice (eg Pharisees) always see themselves as the true ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:45

by Joel Rich The shulchan aruch allows one to “borrow” another’s tallit or tfilin on the assumption that one would be happy to have another do a mitzvah with his property. Questions: What if you have past history which might indicate this might not be a good assumption? What if after the fact you find out that this person did ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:44

by Joel Rich R’YBS-Man’s years are seventy years, and with strength, eighty years.: This verse may be extrapolated to mean the following. Some people live to be 70, but if they have the courage (“‘with strength!’), they will live to be 80. This courage manifests itself in being able to accept one’s age. It takes fortitude to carry on and ...

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Audio Roundup Special: Prof. Yitzhak (Isadore) Twersky zt”l

by Joel Rich The Bernard Revel Graduate School organized a conference: Understanding Halakah, History and Spirituality, A conference marking the 25th Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Professor Yitzhak (Isidore) Twersky and the publication of his collected writings Ke-Mayan ha-Mitgabler: Law and Spirit in Medieval Jewish Thought. The youtube recording (5 1/2 hours) can be found here (     ). I found the range of ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:43

by Joel Rich From a non-ben brit who clearly gets it, how many of us do: And I am going to take this time to do my part. In the spirit of Yom Kippur, I truly hope that I haven’t offended you or wronged you throughout this year. If I have it was unintentional but I wish you would share ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:42

by Joel Rich When the Rambam defines tshuva gemura, his example includes the sinner returning to the same circumstances including place. (I thought about studies concerning addiction and triggers – place matters!) In his Q and A (to Stern College IIUC) R Asher Weiss stated that one’s childrens chinuch was a reason not to make aliya. Wouldn’t that imply that ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:41

by Joel Rich When you add to the shmoneh esrai, do you articulate words or just think thoughts? (eg do you actually say the words “please send a refuah shleimah for Avraham ben Sarah” or do you simply think those words or about that individual?? From a R YBS letter dated in 1956 found in Chakira Volume 32 the Rav ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:40

by Joel Rich Pastor Timothy Keller “Unless you love God the most, you will turn your children or spouse or job into a kind of god that you will expect to completely fulfill you,” he explains. This is a recipe for dissatisfaction, he adds, and often alienates those we love by burdening them with unreasonable expectations. Dr. Keller often quotes ...

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