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Love for the “Ger”

by Rav Yehuda Rock The Problem Towards the end of Parashat Ekev, Moshe contrasts God’s power and mercy, deriving a moral lesson (10:17-19): For Lord your God is the God of gods and the Lord of lords: the great, mighty, awesome God, Who does not show favor and does not take bribes; Who executes judgment for the orphan and the widow, ...

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Orientation Revisited

Note: R. Michael Broyde’s article on the proper orientation during prayer (link) elicited spirited response. Two writers sent the essays below to respond. R. Yehuda Rock taught in the Otniel hesder yeshiva and was rosh kollel in Boca Raton. His article on this subject appeared in Alon Shvut 154. R. Yehuda Herskowitz lives in Jerusalem and works as a writer ...

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