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Yitzchak Kasdan is an attorney in private practice in Washington, DC. He resides in Silver Spring, MD.

An Overlooked View on Women’s Aliyyot II

In a follow-up from yesterday’s essay, Rabbis Aryeh and Dov Frimer respond and Yitzchak Kasdan continues the conversation. by R. Aryeh and R. Dov Frimer Dear Reb Yitzchak, Thank you for allowing us to see your letter to Torah Musings. Below are a few of our comments. 1. We were fully aware of the position which you focus on. We chose ...

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An Overlooked View on Women’s Aliyyot

by Yitzchak Kasdan I pen this piece in reaction to Rabbis Aryeh and Dov Frimer’s brilliant essay on “Women, Kriat Ha-Torah, and Aliyyot”  recently published in Tradition (Winter 2013, volume 46, no. 4).  As comprehensive as their article appears to be in covering the subject matter, it misses one overlooked, yet potentially important, explanation of the baraita in BT Megilla ...

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