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Yoram Hazony is President of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem and author of the The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture

What the Vatican Didn’t Say—And What It Did

by Yoram Hazony On Friday afternoon, I was meeting in my home with an Israeli rabbi who asked me excitedly: “Did you hear that the Church has announced it will no longer seek the conversion of Jews to Christianity?” I had not heard, and when our meeting was over, I flew upstairs to my computer, where I discovered that this ...

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Open Orthodoxy?

by Yoram Hazony   For most of my life, I have been hearing complaints about what has often been called “the shift to the right” in traditionalist Jewish circles. The gist of this complaint is that observant Jews are becoming progressively more committed to stringency, dogmatism and secluding themselves from the outside world, preferring this to a serious engagement with ...

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