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Beit Hillel's Approach to Halacha

R Yitzhak Ajzner / Beit Hillel recently released a responsum addressing the question of inviting a non-orthodox Jew for a Shabbat meal, knowing that it is likely that the guest will desecrate Shabbat if he comes. This publication, which permitted and even encouraged such an invitation, with certain crucial qualifications, aroused much public debate, including a discussion in the Hirhurim-Musings blog (link). In deference of the important participants and readers of this forum, I would like to offer further background to this responsum, explaining Beit Hillel’s Halachic approach, paying attention to the uniqueness of Beit Hillel’s methodology for making Halachic rulings, and finally giving further background to the particular Shabbat-guest responsum.

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