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Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky is the director of educational technology at The Frisch School in Paramus, New Jersey. He writes a popular blog on technology and Jewish education at

The Flipped Beit Midrash

by Tzvi Pittinsky “But our students can’t read! Will this help our students read?” I remember many years ago, when Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky told me this at a Torah Umesorah convention when I showed him Gemara Berura, a technology assisted methodology for learning Gemara. As a high school rebbe, I have utilized many strategies over the years to combat this ...

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Children in a Digital Age

In past centuries, if one wanted to experience change, one traveled in space. A trip around the next hill might reveal an entirely new culture complete with a different language, economy, entertainment, and form of government. However, one could live for decades or even centuries in the same location and see little if any change. Today’s society is reversed. We live in a global culture. One can travel anywhere in the world and find people dressed in the same styles with the same shopping malls and popular entertainment. However, because of the rapid advancements in technology, if one wants to experience change, one merely needs to wait a few years or sometimes even a few months (not the 70 years of Choni Hama’agel’s slumber) to behold an entirely different society.

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