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Rabbi Moshe Zuriel is the retired mashgiach of the Shaalvim Hesder Yeshiva and the author of over two dozen books on Jewish law and thought.

Are Women Better Than Men?

In a recent essay, I quoted authors who say that women are spiritually equal or even superior to men. A reader, writing under the pseudonym Prithee1, responded with extensive quotes from the Maharal contradicting the theory that the Torah considers women superior to men. I asked R. Moshe Zuriel, author of Otzeros HaMaharal among other books, for his opinion on ...

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Response re Kosher Abortions

I read carefully R. David Shabtai’s well written article and find that I do not agree with his criticisms. Now is not the time or place to go into Beit Midrash disputations but I will attempt to reply to some points where I believe the critic has incorrect assumptions. He states definitely that none of the Rishonim say that abortions ...

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Abortions That Are Kosher

I. The Prohibition Against Abortion Up to our contemporary period, nearly all rabbinic authorities prohibited abortions. However, today, when medical expertise has developed so that obstetricians can check by ultra-sound the proper development of the fetus during its prenatal stage and sometimes can foretell grave physical disorders, coronary or lack of limbs, or Down Syndrome, logic dictates that we revisit ...

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