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Blood L’Mehadrin

Leah Cypess / Evidence in State v. Bentley Extracted from the hard drive of Simon Bentley Dear Rabbi Friedman, ​Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation at the Association of Orthodox Vampires retreat last weekend. I enjoyed all the lectures and discussion groups, but I found your speech, Sucking Away Blood, Not Faith, particularly relevant to where I am in my journey right now. I completely agree that Moreh Nevuchim has already laid the groundwork for dealing with the challenge vampirism presents (or rather, is perceived to present) to emunah. I was especially grateful for your lucid explanation of the cross/holy water issue. I wish there had been some more technical discussion of the relevant halachic issues, but aside from that, the weekend was everything I could have hoped for and well worth every cent I paid. I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation.

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