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Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks was the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation of the Commonwealth between September 1991 and September 2013. He is a global religious leader, philosopher and author of 25 books as well as the weekly Covenant & Conversation parsha study. His website features an extensive archive of all his written material.

Fundamentalism Reconsidered III

by Jonathan Sacks Continued from here and here There is a great deal more to be said about the narrow subject of ‘fundamentalism’ as a way of reading sacred texts, without yet touching on the social and political dimensions of the phenomenon. But I hope enough has been said to show that the use of a term drawn from the ...

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Fundamentalism Reconsidered II

by Jonathan Sacks Continued from here The second sense in which the term fundamentalist is used is to describe a particular approach to Biblical authority. As Barr puts it: ‘For fundamentalists the Bible is more than the source of verity for their religion, more than the essential source of textbook. It is … practically the center of the religion,’ he ...

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Fundamentalism Reconsidered

by Jonathan Sacks When I first read this essay years ago in The Jewish Action Reader, it spoke to me. I believe it still resonates, despite many outdated references to the 1980s, when it was written. I publish it here with permission from Rabbi Sacks and Jewish Action. Due to length considerations, I have split the essay into three parts. ...

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