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Joel Rich is a frequent wannabee cyberspace lecturer on various Torah topics. A Yerushalmi formerly temporarily living in West Orange, NJ, his former employer and the Social Security administration support his Torah listening habits. He is a recovering consulting actuary.

Audio Roundup CXL

by Joel Rich LZ”N Gabriella Sarah Bat Kalman Zeev Vayidom Yitzchak Yosef (lfi the pshat that aharon was silent immediately ) Rabbi H Schachter – What is Orthodox? Absolutely classic R’HS! Orthodoxy is subservience to Torah Shebal peh as interpreted by the Chachamim (me – “chachmei hamesorah”) in each generation. Full stop! * Orthodoxy means sometimes going against the tide. ...

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Audio Roundup: Special Reisman Edition

by Joel Rich / Since my last attempt at humor as an introduction to my R’Reisman roundup was primarily met by eye rolls and “he really is quirky”, I’ll simply clarify that the “dirty water” reference was to the River Charles – cue “The Standells”. You can download these shiurim for a fee from Ishiur. 232 – Forgeries I need to start with this shiur even though it is the last chronologically as conspiracy theorists...

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Audio Roundup CXXXIX

by Joel Rich Dr. Benny Brown’s paper (link – PDF) concerning the Chofetz Chaim’s “halachasizing” approach to lashon hara resonated with some of my lay person’s musings on the subject. My Hirhurim comment prior to reading the paper was “llimud v’lo lmaaseh I always go back to the same question – why was there no real compendium on lashon hara ...

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Audio Roundup CXXXVIII

by Joel Rich From a recent study (Kach mkublani mbeit avi abba): The relentless pursuit of happiness may be doing us more harm than good. Some researchers say happiness as people usually think of it—the experience of pleasure or positive feelings—is far less important to physical health than the type of well-being that comes from engaging in meaningful activity. Researchers ...

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Audio Roundup CXXXVII

by Joel Rich LZ”N  Udi Fogel, 36, Ruth Fogel, 35, and their children Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and three-month-old Hadas. I  want to say something really meaningful but it all sounds so trite. May the Makom comfort all of the Jewish people, together, as mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim and grant us the final redemption we so desperately need (even ...

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Audio Roundup CXXXVI

by Joel Rich There are 2 traditions as to where to put the comma in R’Tsei by V’ishei– R’tsei, A-do-nai E-lo-hei-nu, b’a-m’cha Yis-ra-eil v’li-t’fi-la-tam sh’ei. V’ha-sheiv ha-a-vo-dah lid-vir bei-te-cha(comma here) V’i-shei Yis-ra-eil (or comma here)ut’fi-la-tam b’a-ha-va t’ka-beil b’ra-tson. U-t’hi l’ra-tson ta-mid a-vo-dat Yis-ra-eil a-me-cha. The first implies prayer is that Ishei = sacrifices (be returned), the second is that the ...

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Audio Roundup CXXXV

by Joel Rich I was recently talking to a rav who told me he remembers learning (but couldn’t identify the source) that “there is an inyan” to say a keil maalei on the shabbat before a yahrtzeit as well as on the (closest) Torah reading day before (M or TH).Does anyone know of a source? (granted the whole thing seems ...

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Audio Roundup CXXXIV

by Joel Rich Aliens (R’ Aviner) Q: Is it permissible to believe that aliens exist? A: It is permissible, since it is not sanctioned or opposed by the Torah. There has yet to be any scientific proof, however, that they exist. (Me- Obviously R’ Aviner has never visited midtown!) Hmmmmm-Sounds familiar to me (Kach mkublani mbeit avi abba and from ...

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Audio Roundup CXXXIII

by Joel Rich Segula-From R’ Aviner Q: Our debt continues to grow. Is there a Segula to reverse this trend? A: Certainly. You should spend less than you bring in and not rely on the miracle of overcoming the rules of mathematics.(Me-ouch) In Minchat Shlomo Tanina (2-3) siman 86 R’SZA in discussing medical triage says (my translation) – see mishneh ...

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Audio Roundup CXXXII

by Joel Rich Very worthwhile reading – please forward to any askanim/ gedolim/ community leaders you know. Stability’s End Technologies with goofy names like Twitter and Facebook are replacing political stability with a state of permanent instability. By DANIEL HENNINGER ‘Stability” has been the goal of civilized foreign policy since the dawn of the Cold War and arguably since the ...

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