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Joel Rich is a frequent wannabee cyberspace lecturer on various Torah topics. A Yerushalmi formerly temporarily living in West Orange, NJ, his former employer and the Social Security administration support his Torah listening habits. He is a recovering consulting actuary.

Audio Special: Iyunim Hilchos Pesach 2022

by Joel Rich HaRav Asher Weiss 3/20/2022-SHAILOS U’TESHUVOS ON UKRAINE-Hesped for HaRav Chaim Kanievsky ZT”L Who was R CK and why he will be missed. Real time Ukraine shailot concerning possible pikuach nefesh and Shabbat. HaRav Shaul Katz 3/24/2022-אפיית המצות ודין שהיית Discussion of matza baking preparation concerns and methods of dealing with them.   ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:17

by Joel Rich From Yeshaya Leibowitz. My rough translation: The opinion of the Rabbi concerning who to vote for in the election is completely equivalent to the opinion of the zucchini salesman in the machaneh yehuda shuk   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Blog poster :And may Jews throughout the Golah come a bit closer to realizing that there is no place like home. ...

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Audio Special: Rabbi Jonathan Ziring

by Joel Rich Series Description: As work has moved remote for many, and others are hesitant to return to their jobs for a variety of reasons, the world is rethinking what it means to be an employer or employee. In this series, we will explore a number of topics that address the nature of the employer-employee relationship, highlighting the rights ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:16

From an email list: in fact, a certain contemporary Torah Sage recently commented that Sepharadim were spared the persecutions suffered by European Jewry because of their adherence to this custom of reading Shir Ha’shirim every Friday night. It is incumbent upon us to follow this cherished custom, and we will then be worthy of receiving the special sanctity and blessings ...

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Audio Special: Dr. Ezra W Zuckerman Sivan

by Joel Rich   This course covers two main themes based on a forthcoming book by Ezra Zuckerman Sivan: 1) the Torah as heralding the invention of the seven-day week, and secondarily 2) the social scientific question of how and why the seven-day week was invented The Invention of the Seven-Day Week, Part 1 of 5 The seven-day ...

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Audio Special: Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff

by Joel Rich   Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff   – Torah-in-Motion Audio Special   In the Lehrhaus MO special series Dr. Stadlan wrote: Another misunderstanding is the confusion between the inherent value of an activity versus the allocation of time. Some approaches to Judaism treat choices in life as a video game, where the player can gain or lose mitzvah ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:15

by Joel Rich R YBS in 1958: “Only in this generation, with our skewed priorities, are exhortations regarding basic spiritual necessities necessary. Regarding kaddish over a deceased parent, a relatively minor custom is considered more important than Shabbos and Jewish education”. Me – when will they ever learn (HT-Pete Seger) As part of our commitment to Torat Tziyon, Yeshiva University ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:14

by Joel Rich My comment on a priorities shiur: I’d be very curious to hear their thinking. I know it was a public short shiur but I’m still pondering After many years the dismissal of the horiyot priority by modern authorities as pretty much we just can’t do it. I’m very much reminded of Jonathan Haidt’s elephant and rider analogy. ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:13

by Joel Rich Question: Did you ever think about why most folks can listen to a favorite song many times but generally will not read the same book (or watch the same show) in the same way? Interesting question. Yesterday I was at the kotel for Mincha. There’s a sign outside the closed in area saying that masks must be ...

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Audio Roundup 2022:12

by Joel Rich A posters comment:I don’t know anyone else who seriously tries to dissect the “Libi Omer Li”. ———- Me-Rabbi Asher Weiss often uses the phrase when describing a position which is not based on concrete sources, especially when it’s due to new technology or circumstances. I’ve usually heard it referred to as halachic intuition. If one looks outside ...

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