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Rav Elyakim Krumbein is a Ram at Yeshivat Har Etzion

Lishmah – In the Mind or in the Heart? II

by R. Elyakim Krumbein (continued from here) IV. The “Utilitarian” Lishmah: The Objective as the Primary Component We find in traditional sources a number of passages that urge us to learn Torah “for the sake of observing.”  We will give two examples. The first is from the introduction to the halakhic work Chayei Adam: Torah includes two commandments.  The first part is ...

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Lishmah – In the Mind or in the Heart? I

by R. Elyakim Krumbein I. “What is Lishmah?” – Defining the Question In an earlier essay, we began our analysis of Torah lishmah by posing the basic question: how does one learn lishmah?  We presented the seminal passage in Rav Chayim Volozhin’s Nefesh Ha-chayim that addresses this question, where he records two theories: first, that one learns lishmah by learning for the sake of deveikut – spiritual attachment to God; ...

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Seeing God or Being Seen by God

by R. Elyakim Krumbein Our parasha concludes with the mitzva of “aliya le-regel,” the obligatory pilgrimage to Jerusalem three times a year. This mitzva is repeated several times throughout Chumash, each time with a similar expression – “Three times a year all your males shall be seen before the Lord your God.” As in our parasha, this verse closes the ...

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