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Rabbi Eli Ozarowski serves on the faculty of the Midreshet Yeud seminary in Jerusalem, is an editor for the Steinsaltz English Gemara series, and also writes a halacha curriculum for the Halacha Center of Rav Yosef Tzvi Rimon that is currently being used in a number of North American High schools. Rabbi Ozarowski received semicha from RIETS and currently lives in Yad Binyamin, Israel, where he also delivers frequent shiurim.

Food Consumption during the Shemita Year in Israel and the Diaspora

by R. Eli Ozarowski [1]I would like to thank Rabbi Meir Orlian for reviewing this essay and offering his helpful comments and suggestions. The first in a three-part series -ed. Introduction [2]There has been a tremendous proliferation of recent written works systematically summarizing the laws of Shemita on a practical level, and some of those considered the more widely accepted ...

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