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Efraim Vaynman is an Editorial Intern at Torah Musings. He is a rabbinical student at Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary while concurrently pursuing an MA in Talmud at the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies. Previously, Efraim studied in yeshivot Brisk and Beth Medrash Gevoha.

A Testament to the True Tekhelet

by Efraim Vaynman I welcome the comments of Dr. Sterman to my recent essay “Tekhelet: Color Perception or Apprehension”. There were many issues I did not have a chance to address in my original article and his critique has given me the opportunity to address those remaining issues and present a fuller picture of why I believe that tekhelet was ...

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Tekhelet: Color Perception or Apprehension?

by Efraim Vaynman Tekhelet, most say it is blue, others argue it is purple, and still others describe it as green. Let us reexamine the subject anew as we approach Parshat Shelah that contains the mitzvah of tzitzit and tekhelet. A Scottish eye care company recently commissioned a study to “demonstrate just how our visual interpretations of the world around ...

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Rethinking the Shidduch Crisis III

by Efraim Vaynman (continued from here and here) Part 3 In the prior two essays, I argued that attitudes toward kollel lifestyle are changing within men’s education but not within women’s education, and that women’s Torah education has changed in a significant and relevant way. In this essay, I argue that this change should affect how we view women’s roles ...

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Rethinking the Shidduch Crisis II

by Efraim Vaynman (continued from here) Part 2 A Return to the Sources In the prior essay, I argued that the kollel lifestyle is changing but that an imbalance exists between men and women that will exacerbate the current shidduch crisis. In this essay I will review the Talmudic sources on which the Chareidi education system bases itself to teach ...

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Rethinking the Shidduch Crisis

Rethinking the Shidduch Crisis: The Role of Jewish Women in Contemporary Society by Efraim Vaynman Part 1 of 3 Sometimes we don’t see the obvious until we are forced to. The so-called “Shidduch Crisis,” the many singles struggling to find a mate, is a case-in-point. The Chareidi community in particular has proposed many ideas for solving and alleviating the shidduch ...

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Contemporary Tzaraat?

by Efraim Vaynman Is it Possible to Become a Metzora [1]There have been various attempts to identify the symptoms of tzaraat as given in the Torah with modern medical skin conditions. Jacob Milgrom (Leviticus 1-16, p. 817), summing up the research … Continue reading Nowadays? [2]The question is if one can become a metzora and not if the halachot of tzaraat ...

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The Importance of Good Intentions

by Efraim Vaynman I. Noble Intentions The need for specific intent in even the most objectively proper religious acts seems odd but speaks to a basic truth about Judaism and the relationship between man and God. The opening line of this week’s parasha reads (Ex. 25:2): דבר אל בני ישראל ויקחו לי תרומה מאת כל איש אשר ידבנו לבו תקחו ...

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