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Rabbi Chaim Navon is the rav of Kehilat Shimshoni (Modi’in). He teaches Gemara and Jewish thought in Midreshet Lindenbaum and the Herzog College (Yeshivat Har Etzion).

Halakha and Custom

by R. Chaim Navon As is well known, Halakha attaches great significance to custom. Many halakhic authorities regard general custom as a crucial factor when they come to decide Halakha. In this lecture, we shall investigate the source of the legal authority of custom. Why are we obligated to follow custom? Jewish customs were certainly not given at Sinai, as ...

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How and Why Should One Rejoice On the Festivals?

by Rav Chaim Navon Limits to the Mitzva of Rejoicing Elsewhere, we noted that the mitzva of rejoicing on a festival is exceptional, in that it combines concrete action and inner emotion. We also said that this combination necessitates special caution. We are dealing here with a mitzva that can easily turn into wild abandon and blur the spiritual aspects of ...

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