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The Mystery of Karpas

by R. Chaim Lindenblatt At the Pesach seder, we dip twice—first karpas in salt water and later maror in charoses. What is the purpose of the first dipping early in the seder? The Gemara (Pesachim 114b) says that it is hekera letinokos; it is supposed to arouse the children to ask questions. Yet it raises questions for adults, as well. ...

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The Origin of Ta’anit Esther

Guest post by R. Chaim Lindenblatt The problem with Ta’anit Esther is that we shouldn’t celebrate it. The Tur (Orach Chaim 686) quotes the rule that before any holiday listed in Megillat Ta’anit, one should not fast or say eulogies. So why do we fast the day before Purim? The Rishonim say that it is because the Jews in Persia ...

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