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Rabbi Basil Herring PhD has headed a number of congregations, taught at various colleges, published a number of volumes and studies in contemporary Halachah, medieval Jewish philosophy and Bible, and best Rabbinic practices. A past Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Caucus and Rabbinical Council of America (the RCA), he is the editor of the recently published Avodat Halev Siddur of the Rabbinical Council of America.

Did the Students of R. Akiva Die in a 2nd Century Epidemic?

by R. Dr. Basil Herring They said “R. Akiva had twelve thousand pairs of disciples who were located all the way from Gevat (near Beersheva in the south of Judea) till Antiparis (at its northern end) and they all died at one time because they did not act respectfully toward each other. As a result, the world was desolate (Rashi: ...

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On Regret, Annulment, and the Essence of Teshuvah

Va-Yechal Moshe: On Regret, Annulment, and the Essence of Teshuvah Part of a Shiur by Ha-Rav Joseph Dov Soloveitchik Congregation Moriah, New York, NY, Dec 1st 1956 Edited by Rabbi Basil Herring, Ph.d Editor’s Note: What follows here is not a verbatim transcription, but a summary of the main ideas of the Rav in this lecture. The material constitutes the ...

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On the Untimely Death of the Young

by R. Basil Herring How is the death of the young different from the death of the elderly? ….. R. Yosi b. Chalafta and his students would rise up early to study Torah together under a certain fig tree. When the owner of the tree made a point to harvest its figs before they arrived the next time, they were ...

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In the Morning in the East, In the Evening in the West

In the Morning in the East, In the Evening in the West: On the Destiny of Contemporary Jews and Judaism: Lessons from Jewish History in a Time of Crisis and Transition An early Yahrzeit Lecture by Rav Joseph D. Soloveitchik Edited by Rabbi Basil Herring Editor’s Introduction On Motzaei Shabbos, Parashas be’Ha-alosecha, June 19th 1943, Rav Joseph D. Soloveitchik (hereafter ...

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