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Dr. Baruch Sterman is a co-founder of Ptil Tekhelet.

Tekhelet – Radiant as the Sky

by Dr. Baruch Sterman Mr. Vaynman and I certainly do agree on much more than we disagree. Were he to claim that tekhelet was dark blue, blue-violet, or sky-blue at various times and differing places over the more than 2000 years that it was being produced, we could shake hands in complete agreement. However, Mr. Vaynman stakes out an extreme ...

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Tekhelet Perception

by Dr. Baruch Sterman While I am always thrilled to see the issue of tekhelet being discussed (Tekhelet: Color Perception or Apprehension, Efraim Vaynman), and certainly in such a thorough and thoughtful way, I feel the need to clarify my own position and correct several mistakes. Harav Eliyahu Tavger, the founder of our non-profit Ptil Tekhelet organization, has pointed out ...

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