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Rabbi Leibowitz is a Ram at Yeshivat Sha'alvim and serves as the Assistant Dean of the Overseas Program.

Later Rishonim I

by R. Aryeh Leibowitz Introduction Students of Gemara merit to spend hours analyzing the works of the great medieval commentators – the Rishonim.  But who were the Rishonim?  When did they live?  Who were their teachers?  What seforim did they write? Did they have a unique approach to Talmud study (derech ha-limud)? In regard to the period of the early Rishonim (11th – early 13th century), I have already had the opportunity ...

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Utilizing Manuscripts for Torah Learning

The Ri Ha-Zaken’s Opinion Regarding The Proper Location to Light Chanukah Candles by R. Aryeh Leibowitz There is a well-known dispute between Rashi and Tosafos regarding the proper place to light Chanukah candles.  The Braisa teaches (Shabbos 21b) that the candles should be lit “at the entrance of one’s home – outside (על פתח ביתו מבחוץ).”  Rashi understands the statement ...

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