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Rabbi Alex Ozar is a PhD student in philosophy of religion at Yale University. His writing has appeared, or will be appearing, in Tradition, Torah U-Madda Journal, Harvard Theological Review, Journal of Religious Ethics, and First Things magazine.

Masorah: A Philosophical User’s Guide

by Alex S. Ozar Masorah: A Philosophical User’s Guide The charge presented to me for this symposium was to discuss the concept of Masorah “from the perspective of philosophy.” At first I was skeptical: Is not the concept an inherently halakhic, historical, and theological one, such that would be more fruitfully engaged through a specifically halakhic, historical, or theological lens? ...

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Headcoverings and Headaches

by R. Alex Ozar Religion is hard, and it’s supposed to be: Love of God should, by nature, be the sort of thing that claims all your heart, all your soul, all your worth. [1]Devarim 6:5. Halakhic Judaism complements this truth with an equal and opposite force: God loves us, and so wills that we live, [2]See Rashi to Sanhedrin 74a, s.v. ...

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I Human beings are, in the best of cases, complex creatures – their identities fluid and their inner lives shot through with dynamic tension and ambivalence. For the individual person, this means a life’s vocation of forming the ragtag collection of energies populating his soul into an effectively coherent self. For the yerei shamayim, this quickening takes place in the ...

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Rabbi David Hartman’s Theological Legacy

Rabbi David Hartman’s Theological Legacy: A Preliminary Evaluation Guest post by Alex Ozar Alex Ozar is a Fellow at the Tikvah Fund in New York, and working toward semikha at RIETS. His writing has appeared, or will be appearing, in Tradition, the Torah U-Madda Journal, and First Things magazine. “Two ships, both without a compass, are drifting on a night ...

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