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Rabbi Dr. Aton Holzer is Director of the Mohs Surgery Clinic in the Department of Dermatology, Sourasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel, and is an assistant editor of the recent Rabbinical Council of America’s prayerbook Siddur Avodat Ha-lev.

Shul Challenges: Engaging Young Adults After COVID-19

by R. Aton Holzer, MD There has been a considerable amount of discussion online regarding the return to normalcy in Jewish communal life, and in particular, to the shul, after the pandemic has finally concluded. Anecdotally, rabbis have particularly noted the absence of young families in synagogue participation during this time, even to the extent allowed, and in activities that ...

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Halakhic Dead White Men?

Halakhic Dead White Men? On Feminism and Jewish Ritual Jurisprudence by R. Aton Holzer The question of the moral intution of the Sages has been the subject of a recent exchange of op-eds between Josephine Felix and Rabbi Gil Student on the Jewish Press website, and those of Rabbi Ethan Tucker and Rabbi Shlomo Brody on Times of Israel. The ...

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