Shiurim (Audio)

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Rabbi Gidon Rothstein

Seridei Esh on Retroactively Nullifying a Marriage (5 Sivan)

R. Wosner on Listening to Music When the Temple is Still Not Rebuilt (4 Sivan)

R. Uzziel on What One Witness Does and Doesn’t Do (3 Sivan)

Avnei Nezer on When We Can Treat Jews Like Non-Jews (2 Sivan)

R. Ovadia Yosef on Performing Yibum in Our Times (1 Sivan)

R. Ovadia Yosef on Choosing Where to Have a Court Case (29 Iyar)

R. Mordechai Fogelman on Tearing Clothing When Seeing Reconquered Jerusalem (28 Iyar)

R. Herzog on Reading the Torah Repeatedly (27 Iyar)

R. Ovadia Yosef on Forceps Delivery for a First-Born (26 Iyar)

R. Yitzchak Elchanan Spektor on a Forced Kiddushin (25 Iyar)

Tzitz Eliezer on Washing Nylon on Shabbat (24 Iyar)

Noda B’Yehuda on the Proof Necessary to Deem a Woman an Adulteress (23 Iyar)

R. Uzziel on Selling Non-Kosher Foods (22 Iyar)

Tzitz Eliezer on Ye’ush and Ownership (21 Iyar)

R. Moshe Feinstein Unwittingly Anticipating the Reconquest of Har HaBayit (20 Iyar)

R. Ovadia Hedaya and R. Kook on Primus Stoves on Yom Tov (19 Iyar)

R. Kook on Possible Chametz Owned by a Jew on Pesach (18 Iyar)

R. Uzziel on Whether “Al Menat” Means a Condition (17 Iyar)

R. Moshe Feinstein on When We Do and Don’t Treat at the End of Life (16 Iyar)

Sanzer Rebbe on Mistaken vs. Unavoidable (15 Iyar)

R. Tzvi Pesach Frank on an Heir Reclaiming a Gift to the Poor (14 Iyar)

​It’s Not Always Lashon Hara to Mention Negatives About Someone Else, How to Treat Leftover Tissue or Amputated Eyes, and Whether Abortion is Murder (13 Iyar)

Klausenberger Rebbe on How Late We Can Daven Mincha (12 Iyar)

Tzitz Eliezer on When Honoring Parents Gets Complicated (11 Iyar)

R. Moshe Feinstein on Swearing to Violate Rabbinic Prohibitions (10 Iyar)

R. Tzvi Pesach Frank on Accidentally Marrying a Man Who Converted Out (9 Iyar)

Shevet HaLevi on When We Answer What During Prayer (8 Iyar)

R. Kook on Deliberate, Unwitting, and Unavoidable (7 Iyar)

Binyan Tzion on When We Have to Burn Items (6 Iyar)

R. Uzziel on Rejecting All Karaites (5 Iyar)

R. Moshe Feinstein on Vinegar Alcohol Made in Wine-Flavored Containers (4 Iyar)

R. Moshe Feinstein on How to Give Birchat Kohanim When You Only Have Kohanim (3 Iyar)

R. Herzog on How to Guard Tirat Tzvi on Shabbat (2 Iyar)

R. Kook on the Heter Mechira (1 Iyar)

Binyan Tzion on Whether Adults Can Give Prohibited Items to Minors (30 Nisan)

R. Hayyim David Halevy on Going to Har HaBayit and on Buying Cigarettes for a Parent (29 Nisan)

Tzitz Eliezer on Accepting Money to be Able to Study Torah All Day (28 Nisan)

R. Ovadia Yosef on Teaching Secular Studies in a Beit Midrash (27 Nisan)

Tzitz Eliezer on the Prohibition to Enter Mosques (26 Nisan)

R. Moshe Feinstein on Maintaining Faith (25 Nisan)

Chatam Sofer on When We May Count Jews (24 Nisan)

Tzitz Eliezer on Foods Prohibited on Friday but not on Shabbat (23 Nisan)

R. Ovadya Yosef on Accepting a Get From an Uncertain Source (22 Nisan)

R. Khalfon Moshe HaKohen’s Four Responsa from the Sixth Day of Pesach (20 Nisan)

Klausenberger Rebbe on Doing Work After Sunset During Sefirah (19 Nisan)

R. Hayyim David Halevy on Clean Elections (18 Nisan)

Tzemach Tzedek on Chametz that Accidentally Wasn’t Sold (17 Nisan)

R. Uzziel on Milking Cows on Shabbat (16 Nisan)

Seridei Esh on How We Know Tashbitu is for the 14th of Nisan

Avnei Nezer on When Taste Isn’t a Problem (13 Nisan)

R. Tzvi Pesach Frank on Whether a 5-Year-Old’s Divorce Counts (12 Nisan)

Chatam Sofer on Saving the Children of an Evildoer (11 Nisan)

Tzitz Eliezer on Standing for Torah Scholars During the Recitation of Shema (10 Nisan)

R. Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky on Coerced Kiddushin (9 Nisan)

Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach on Chazal’s Authority Over Minors and Non-Jews (8 Nisan)

R. Moshe Feinstein on Keeping a Second Day Yom Tov for an Israeli (7 Nisan)

R. Uzziel on Partial Admissions and Our Ability to Lie (6 Nisan)

Netziv on Changing Our Mitzvah Commitments (5 Nisan)

R. Aharon Kotler on How We Nullify Objects of Idolatry (4 Nisan)

R. Wosner on Sechach Letting In Rain (3 Nisan)

R’ Shlomo Zalman Auerbach on Triage, Extreme Sedation, and Plastic Surgery (2 Nisan)

R. Pinchas Zvichi on Having Only One Dishwasher (1 Nisan)

Binyan Tzion on When an Invalid Torah Scroll Mixes with Others (29 Adar Sheni)

R. Kook on Waiting to Marry After Having Lived with a Non-Jew (28 Adar Sheni)

R. Herzog on Writing the Name Yerushalayim in a Get (27 Adar Sheni)

Chatam Sofer on a Rabbi Who Had to be Removed (26 Adar Sheni)

R. Herzog on War on Shabbat (25 Adar Sheni)

R. Elazar Fleckles Defends Noda BYehuda’s View of a Shiva House (24 Adar Sheni)

R. Moshe Feinstein Following Up on Medical Treatment Decisions (23 Adar Sheni)

R. Chaim Berlin on Which Cities Were Given to Leviim (22 Adar Sheni)

Klausenberger Rebbe on a Parent in Mourning Participating in a Child’s Wedding (21 Adar Sheni)

R. Feinstein on a Disputed Marriage (20 Adar Sheni)

R. Natan Gestetner on Who Owns Mezuzot After a Sale (19 Adar Sheni)

R. Ovadia Yosef on Whether a Pregnant Woman’s Conversion Works for Her Fetus (18 Adar Sheni)

Tzitz Eliezer on Aborting a Down’s Syndrome Baby (17 Adar Sheni)

R. Ovadia Yosef on Confusing Language About Dividing a Gift (16 Adar Sheni)

R. Gestetner on How to Become an Author of Good Sefarim (15 Adar Sheni)

R. Ovadia Yosef on Putting Salt in Matzah (14 Adar Sheni)

R. Chayyim Falagi on Piping Water into a Mikveh (13 Adar Sheni)

Noda B’Yehuda on Breaking an Engagement (12 Adar Sheni)