Audio Roundup Special: Rav Schachter Masmidim

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by Joel Rich

The Rav on Tzitzis and Teffilin

Tzitzit issues including: holes for tzitzit, when and how to do atifa, and kissing tzitzit or not. Tfillin issues including: shel rosh/yad timing, stitching retzuot to shel yad, and the shape of the daled knot. Also covered, saying yigdal or adon olam at the end of davening and the rav’s minhagim in general (Gra and Lubavitch?!)

The Rav on Kiddush and Havdalah

Kiddush and havdala differences (makom seuda, chmar medina) flow from differences in their nature (perhaps differentiating between seudat mitzva/rshut vs matir).

The Rav on Kinyan Chalipin

Technical disucsson of kinyan chalipin including do two eidim make it like ktivat shtar and the concept of lkiyum hadavar.

The Rav on Chazaras HaShatz

Tfila btzibur and tfilat hatzibur (nuff said).

The Rav on Inyanei Chanukah

Why do we have to spend more than 20% of our assets on Chanukah lights? We are asking HKBH for miracles so we show we’ll go out of our way for his mitzvot.

Why light in shul and when? Perhaps it’s due to persumei nisa needing a tzibur which needs a minyan formed for tfila (=tzibur). 

Also discussed, women lighting and were the chashmonaim correct.

The Rav on the “Four Days of Purim”

The Gra was mchadeish that both adars are adar vadai and the machloket in the gemara is which one to place purim in (eg ein maavirin). The standard approach is to assume they are both a safek. Applications for purim and yahrtziet discussed.

The Rav on מצוות צריכות כוונה, שומע כעונה, והפסק

There’s a general debate concerning whether mitzvot tzrichot kavana (and what kavana is needed). 

The Rambam alludes to a difference between shomea koneh and answering amen in terms of being yotzei with someone else.

The rav would say birchat hallel with the shatz but a bit faster so he could still answer amen – there’s a similar analyzis with sfira (but is saying the number of days twice (laomer and baomer) a hefsek? (whole mehudar vs kasher etrog analysis).

The Rav on Machatzis Hashekel

Tzidukim viewed the machtzit hashekel as a karban  hashutfim, not as a karban hatzibur (per R YBS representing all Jews through time) today machtzit hashekel should be clearly labeled onlyas  a zecher.

Also discussed, does beit din have the ability to transfer ownership or just to declare hefker?

The Rav on Hutrah vs. Dechuya regarding Bigdei Kehuna (and more)

Topics include: understanding hutra vs dchuya through the bgdei kahuna, the kohain gadol’s being lfnei hashem tamid as generating a chiyuv simcha (and thus no mourning), the aron kodesh is not a kli mikdash, wearing bgdei kahuna chutz lavoda and R yochanan ben zakai’s decision not to ask that yerushalayim be spared.

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