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by Joel Rich

The S”A (OC 496:3) discussed an israel in chul on 2nd day yom tov not being bound by restrictions unless he is within the tchum of a jewish community. Does this apply to bnai chul who keep one day in israel and then travel back to chul? In either case if they land in a chul airport on second day yom tov and there’s a frum convention in the airport hotel or hundreds of non-frum jews using the airport, does it present a problem?

The S”A O”C 98:1 says that in tfila one should think as if the shechina is opposite them. What mental images do you conjure up to accomplish this?

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About Joel Rich

Joel Rich is a frequent wannabee cyberspace lecturer on various Torah topics. A Yerushalmi formerly temporarily living in West Orange, NJ, his former employer and the Social Security administration support his Torah listening habits. He is a recovering consulting actuary.

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