Audio Roundup 2024:19

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by Joel Rich

My comment on the most recent Tradition :

A very sad read. I’d suggest that much of the phenomenon is due to the wrong frame of reference (what everyone else has) rather than on “When Rabbi Zusha was on his deathbed, his students found him in uncontrollable tears. They tried to comfort him by telling him that he was almost as wise as Moses and as kind as Abraham, so he was sure to be judged positively in Heaven. He replied, “When I pass from this world and appear before the Heavenly Tribunal, they won’t ask me, ‘Zusha, why weren’t you as wise as Moses or as kind as Abraham,’ rather, they will ask me, ‘Zusha, why weren’t you Zusha?’ Why didn’t I fulfill my potential, why didn’t I follow the path that could have been mine.”” Bsorot tovot

From the Steinsaltz institute -would your bet medrash entertain this?
One of the best examples is the famous Talmudic teaching that follows the argument between Abaye and Rava about the laws of lost objects, Rabbi Even Israel said. “You have three pages of discussion going back and forth, but then my father adds a few lines of explanation about the background and reality of those two sages that puts everything into context.” Abaye was very poor as a child, and therefore his idea of losing an object reflected that reality, while Rava, by contrast, was wealthy, and for him, losing an object didn’t have the same significance.

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