Audio Roundup Special: Machon Lev

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by Joel Rich


המרכז האקדמי מכון לב
כנס תורה ומדע ה 30
בנושא: מלחמת חרבות ברזל

 דברי פתיחה – פרופ’ נח דנא פיקארד

General introduction to the meeting including prayers for all affected parties

דברי פתיחה – הרב יוסף צבי רימון

Remember that the current events are part of the geula. Issues discussed include: the morality of Tzahal, putting oneself at risk for others (soldiers), telling a combat soldier his wife is pregnant?, and knowing we will prevail.

טיפול ב PTSD בעת מלחמה – פרופ’ גרי קווין

We can move from despair to hope, tragedy to resilience, and experience growth after all these challenges. Discussion of PTSD with EMDR/CBT as short and long-term treatments. Includes a case study.

 – הרב כמנהיג קהילה בתקופה הדורשת מתן תמיכה נפשית לחברי הקהילה – הרב ד”ר יצחק ליפשיץ

“A man’s got to know his limitations” (HT-Clint Eastwood) A rav needs to be halachic yet also bean empathetic role model and able to give a hug. He must not think he’s responsible for everything and recognize his and others’ boundaries (personal and professional).

הצלת זרע והולדה מחללי מלחמה – הרב גדעון ויצמן

Posthumous sperm removal presents halachic and ethical issues. Must the deceased’s wishes be known or intuited in order to allow retrieval? Who has the right to make such a request (spouse, partner, parents)?  How may the halachic objections be overcome?

הגרלות בדיני נפשות בעת מלחמה – פרופ’ עלי מרצבך

Examples of the use of halachic goral(lottery) throughout jewish history (eg chavot yair wine cup, 35 killed in milchemet hashichrur, cantonists “draft”). If done appropriately, it allows for the ratzon hashem to be carried out.

פדיון שבויים באספקלריה של הלכה ותורת המשחקים – פרופ’ ישראל אומן

Game theory is about incentives, tikun olam is about recognizing how the world works and improving it. Pidyon shvuyim is an example of both (not paying more than their “value”). How does that apply today? (how did it apply in the Gidon Shalit deal?)

משפט בין לאומי מן התורה, מנין? – פרופ’ אביעד הכהן

International rules of law are broad, complex and far reaching. What are the halachic rules of law (Tanach/Rambam based)? Do they apply today? A number of examples discussed.

הענקת פרס לב

R M Halpern received the TUM award ( )  Unfortunately the audio cut out for his presentation.

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