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by Joel Rich

From a WSJ piece, was the current structure of Chabad intentional?
Part of Schneerson’s brilliance was to ensure that no one would succeed him as Chabad’s rebbe, with the result of distributing responsibility for his formidable legacy as far and wide as possible. In doing so, he reminded his many admirers that true spiritual genius is vanishingly rare, and that religious communities, which are bound by belief and sacred obligation, can’t count on individual greatness alone to sustain them.

Cross currents post: Rav Hirsch spoke via video to a gathering of working charedim in Yerushalayim. He told them that they were part of the charedi world, and should continue to see themselves as proud charedim, rather than outsiders.

Me-So given the decades of the message , ” that working for a living is incompatible with the appellation “charedi.””, what is the change management plan? At the granular level who will tell the yeshiva guys (and the community) that kollel is not for them but not to feel a failure? This is an important statement but unless there is follow up it is unlikely to change the vision of the community. Also I think you need more than one gadol to turn an ocean liner around. Thoughts?

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