Audio Roundup Special: R Avi Zakutinsky

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Myths and Misconceptions In Halacha

Part 1

Practices and possible explanations including: kashering utensils in a flower pot, mishloach manot requiring two brachot, holding chatan /kala jewelry segula, pointing pinky at the torah, chazan not saying the end of the gael yisrael bracha, sleeping or forgetting during six hours allows eating chalav after basar, one time utensil use before tvila, can’t schecht a giraffe, talking after washing, women making havdala (grow beard), and, going blind from watching duchening.

Part 2

Practices and possible explanations including: must make sheva brachot, elijah’s cup usage, why open the door at the seder, pregnant woman going to the cemetery, tahara practices on living, drying hair on shabbat, uncovered water, not eating the end of the bread crust, stones on graves, rabbeinu tam time, and mlacha activities 18 minutes after candle lighting time.

Part 3

Practices and possible explanations including: double head coverings, tattoo burials, purpose of mechitza, stepping over someone, red bendel, not going to a grave if one hadn’t gone in 10 years, visiting two graves in the same day, key challa, kvater and sandek segula, bread for tashlich, and inviting dead relatives to a wedding,

part 4

Practices and possible explanations including: egg spots, eating/taking food from the shiva house, avel changing seats for shabbat, avel showering before Shabbat, sgula of seven meals prior to rosh hashana/yom kippur,segula of davening when we take out three torahs, praying at the chuppa, hanging ktuva, waving hands at the shabbat candles, bracha on wraps and mezonot bread, and eating croutons at the washing station.

Part 5

Practices and possible explanations including: Needing two people to say vayichulu, shiva starting bein hashmashot, need to read from the tora three times if it has been transported elsewhere, not telling anyone one is pregnant, pregnant women biting off pitum on shmini atzeret, non-jews at the seder, correct name spellings, shomer for chatan/kala,chatan not coming to shul, witnesses to ktuva handover, and where to light shabbat and hanukkah candles.

Part 6

Practices and possible explanations including: shape of luchot, glatt kosher, filet mignon kashrut, holding lulav and etrog together, wrapping hands so as not to wash, learning for shalosh seudot, standing for chatan/kala, black stripes on talit, tachanun position for falling on the arm, badeken, and mezuzah at an angle.


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