Audio Roundup 2024:10

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by Joel Rich

Comment on rabbinic workarounds/loopholes:
I’ve often thought of the process as a three-part algorithm involving how much is at risk what is the cost and how does it fit into our overarching sense of purpose? Of course, this won’t stop the cynics because they will question who gets to decide.
I also wonder whether we might look at this from the elephant and rider analogy which is another way of saying what I think the Rav said in his response in “Community, Covenant, and Conversation” concerning the drafting of rabbinical students as chaplains (you know the answer then you construct the case). Comments?

Just a quick look at the Siddur Yitzchak Meir (Artscroll) shows that for the Akeida – both before and after -on Shabbat and yom tov not to say individual prayer (elokeinu before and ribbono after)

By the Tamid on Shabbat and yom tov it says to that some skip the yhi ratzons (assumedly some say them)

By Elokai Ntzora at the end of the Amida apparently everyone says it on Shabbat and yom tov.

Any thoughts on these various rules

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