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by Joel Rich

Blogger – This was a week of true unity of purpose. We should savor that and build upon it. We have each other and we must treasure each other, all of us who were in shul on Monday or in DC on Tuesday. Let’s build together on what matters.
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Me-Beautiful, Perhaps as a concrete next step each subgroup should come up with their own list of what they would be willing to discuss as starting points for areas of compromise so that the family could stay together (as in if you agree to not spray your hair purple, I’ll agree not to enforce a 10PM curfew on non-school nights)

From R’ Lichtenstein – Personally I’m hanging on to my parents’ and The Rav’s hands.

Regardless of what issues–moral, theological, textual or historical–vexed me, I was confident that they had been raised by masters far sharper and wiser than myself; and if they had remained impregnably steadfast in their commitment, so should and could I. I intuited that, his categorical formulations and imperial certitude notwithstanding, Rav Hutner had surely confronted whatever questions occurred to me. Later, I felt virtually certain the Rav had, so that the depth and intensity of their service of God was doubly reassuring.

    • Rabbi Doniel Osher Kleinman-Our Duty in Times of War Current events demand we look at our own shortcomings, not someone else’s. We should be increasing our tfila and learning while cutting back on our materialism. Use your travel time to the rally wisely (go with a chavruta)(Me-load up mp3 shiurim so you can use all your rally “downtime”)

    • Rabbi Michael Rosensweig-Introduction to Seder Nezikin There are obvious transcendent message in ritual law (eg kiddushin) but every society needs commercial law to function. What makes jewish commercial law transcendent? It’s focus on rights and responsibilities (and not just damages).

    • Rabbi Zev Smith-When is a Bracha needed During a Seudah Under which circumstances does hamotzi pater other meal foods (especially considering changing eating habits)? Is it a din ikkar/tafel or something more (anything that is lsova)? Lots of practical applications discussed (deserts, appetite stimulants, drinks to facilitate eating, appetizers).

    • Rabbi Shraga Kallus-Halacha Q&A Q&A including davening on airplane/how to posture in amida and takanat chazal had many reasons even if only one was given (thus no change).

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