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by Joel Rich

Is the duty to join in a milchemet mitzva limited to those dwelling in eretz yisrael?

Younger teenage boy as shatz – comment as to why to pick one:
But there are two countervailing concerns:

First, we need someone who can grow up comfortable taking the amud for when he
is a zaqein veragil [adult and fluent].

Second, we need teens to feel like they belong and are tied into the shul. Makes sure more of them grow up to be shomerei Torah uMitzvos, anavim, etc…

(I am not sure why you mention Chareidi shuls in particular. Sephardim go
further, and will put a qatan up for Pesuqei deZimra, Qabbalas Shabbos, and some
eidos — even Maariv.)

my response:

  1. I mentioned chareidi shuls because in other shuls, in my experience, the gabbai picks someone. In a number of chareidi shuls I’ve gone to, it’s whomever goes up.
    2.Clearly there are counter-pressures. I suspect it has to do with how we view the role of the shatz. I would guess that most defendants in capital cases would prefer not to have a trainee representing them.

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