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by Joel Rich

Anyone think about the relationship between the observer effect and the leidat hasafeik in the 10 store cases (kavua vs kol dparish mruba)?

The term observer effect in quantum physics means that the act of observing something will influence the thing being observed and by the observation, waves turn into particles. Observer Effect.The observer effect was validated with the double-slit experiment which revealed that particles are in the state of potential until they are observed. The outcome of the double-slit experiment depends on what the physicists try to measure: If they set up detectors beside the slits, the photons act like ordinary particles, always traversing one route or the other, not both at the same time. However, if the physicists remove the detectors, each photon seems to travel both routes simultaneously like a tiny wave, producing the striped pattern. This is the observer effect. A single outcome is realized out of many possibilities

Response to a blog post: There’s a certain irony of categorizing flights from aretz to chul as “rescue flights”
Another irony is that all the divrei chizuk I’ve heard stress not going back to normal (sadly my perception is that we heard the same thing when covid was devastating our communities – I’m not sure how much has changed)

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