Audio Roundup Special: Aguda Elul 2023

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by Joel Rich


Kollel Iyun Halacha-ELUL 2023—Introduction-To-Mitzvas-Shiluach-HaKan-e28apnn/a-aa8prob


Introduction to the new zman’s topic – shiluach hakan. Is it a mitzva chiyuvit or kiyumit? Is its focus on the impact on us or on HKBH? (Rambam v Ramban)—Mitzvas-Shiluach-HaKan-e28appe/a-aa8prsk


R Weiss paskins shiluach hakan as a mitzva kiyumit (only if you want the eggs?) but one which is worth trying to accomplish. Some details on how to physically accomplish this mitzva.—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—Introduction-To-This-New-Sugya-For-Elul-Zman-e28di80/a-aa92a41


Lkicha tama drashot including the need for a full set of four minim and not allowing chaser. Does the halacha of ein lo mean you don’t have to have all four minim at the same time?—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—Lekicha-Tama-e28dmta/a-aa92puc


When is the best time to bentch lulav? Is the mitzvah to pick it up or to hold it? What’s the proper procedure if you have a hadar safek estrog and a vadai plain one?—Hlchos-Arbah-Minim—Lekicha-Tama-e28elou/a-aa95psj


Lots of detail on the specifics how to properly bind the four minim (eg who can/should do it, what type of ties, where are the ties placed, when should/can it be done.)–Hilchos-Arba-Minim—Lekicha-Tama-e28gfee/a-aa9bas5


Likicha tama analysis – ntila achat/bat achat.—Hlchos-Arbah-Minim—Lekicha-Tama—Take-Them-or-Just-Hold-Them-e28jqqe/a-aa9m0nb


Is the mitzva to take the arba minim or to hold them? R Weiss looks at the talmudic language as well as parallels to other mitzvot. In the end, it’s to hold!—Hlchos-Arbah-Minim—Na-aNuim—Take-and-Shake-e28me48/a-aa9ttdl


Are the naanuim drabanan or duraita? When is the proper time to do them? (Hallel? Bracha?) Do you move or do the 4 minim move? In which direction?—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—Na-aNuim—Take-and-Shake-e28nme6/a-aaa1mbk


Discussion of the proper way to take and hold the lulav and etrog as well as how to do the naanuim. Includes discussion of possible differentiation for women and lefties.—Hilchos-Arba-Minim—Na-aNuim—Take-and-Shake-e28q47f/a-aaa9chp


Perhaps there are two separate kiyumim in the naanuim – one by the bracha and one by hallel?—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—The-Various-Types-Of-Esrogim-e28sem4/a-aaagt6r


Bottom line – etrogim today are kosher by mesora, not simanim. You must buy from a reputable chain of tradition (historically and current distribution). We assume the chazon ish got it right and any descendants of his choice of etrog is fine!—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—Na-aNuim—Take-and-Shake-e28seou/a-aaagti7


Are the requirements for naanuim duraita or drabanan? Are they part of mitzvat lulav, a separate requirement, or something in between?—Rav-Gottesman-Hachana-and-Rav-Reit-e28uul9/a-aaaofrr


Excellent video of issues that you should be aware of in purchasing 4 minim (what makes it to the store and what doesn’t). Trust your first impression and look at items the way you normally use them (no jewelers loupes!)—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—Over-LaAsiyasan-e28v68q/a-aaap5sv


Various alternatives discussed concerning how to properly sequence taking, holding and making the bracha on the four minim.—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—Na-aNuim-2-e290qk9/a-aaau8se


There are many different positions on when and how physically and articulation of words) to do the naanuim. The naanuim are not maakev associated but their hashkafa does impact the halacha.—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—Anshe-Yerusholayims-Extended-Mitzvos-e291qup/a-aab1faq


Were there two separate elements of Anshei yerushalayim’s 4 minim practices (picking up and continuing to hold)? Were these mikar hadin, hiddur or simply chibuv mitzvah?—Yemei-Slichos—Malachai-Rachamim-e295b65/a-aabc7gn


It’s all from HKBH but perhaps angels/tzadikim can help direct our prayers. Examples provided. How do brachot from another human work?—The-Arbah-Minim—Amazing-Connections-To-the-Shaim-Hashem-e296nrd/a-aabghhp


The four minim represent the sheim hashem and this representis has halachic implications.—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—The-Right-Way-To-Give-Your-Esrog-Away-e299ufm/a-aabqdh3


Does matana al mnat lhachzir require a tnai kaful? Does returning the etrog in a bit less mehudar status count as a return?—Divrei-Chizuk-For-Rosh-Hashana-e299uh9/a-aabqdlp


Zichron trua has the same immediate impact as the actual trua. There are elements of mituk hadin and tfila being fulfilled. Yirah and simcha feed off of each other from our ahavat haborei.—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—The-Right-Way-To-Give-Your-Esrog-Away-e299va7/a-aabqg25


Matana al mnat lhachzir issues including: duraita status in Yerushalaim, returning an etrog with less hadar or without a pitom, proper language of a gift, and other mtziut issues, returned cash or an equal amount but different etrog and unexpectedly being matriarch the giver to get the etrog back.—Hilchos-Shofar—Blowing-With-Two-Shofaros-e29b57v/a-aabtu5q


Is one yotzei the mitzvah of shofar if they heard the kol from two shofrot? (eg one within the other)—Teshuva-For-Everyone-e29fpa9/a-aaccomh


What did the Rambam mean that HKBH has to testify that the one who does true tshuva won’t sin again?—Hilchos-Arbah-Minim—Chinuch-and-Related-Topics-and-A-Mindset-For-Yom-Kippur-e29ipm0/a-aacm6hh


Are minors exempt from punishment because of a technicality of not being bar onshin or a complete exemption from mitzvot (mufka)? Are there two dinim in chinuch (rabbinic+ specific details, tora = general avodat hashem)? How do they apply for father/mother/son/daughter? Must the chinuch of a child be exact in every detail of the mitzvah?—The-Katan—Chinuch-and-His-Mitzvos-e29k3cm/a-aacq8mr


What are the interrelationships of the concepts of kavana, daat, al gabav, chinuch, machshava and daat klishta when it comes to the mitzva status of a katan.—Living-In-A-Succa-Under-the-Fear-Of-Rats-e29qcqf/a-aaddefm


Is it a mitzva to eat in a sukka that you can’t sleep in? How far do you have to go to avoid mitztaer. If bnai brak has rats, are any sukkot there pasul if they are on street level?—Living-In-A-Succa-Under-the-Fear-Of-Rats-e29t9mk/a-aadmgtl


How do we view a suka where the majority of people would be mitztaer but not everyone? Does it depend on the individual involved? Is there a difference between mitztaer and tircha exemptions? What if it’s the best you can do due to macro considerations (eg local air quality?)—Living-In-A-Succa-Under-the-Fear-Of-Rats-e29tgnt/a-aadn3kc


What steps need you take to be able to be in your sukka without tzaar? (eg heater) When do you need to go to another’s sukka if yours is inhabitable (eg rats)? R Gottesman proposes a leniency for bnai brak based on makot medina (rats affect all, do the best you can).

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