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by Joel Rich

Does the psak of bet din evidence the ratzon hashem or is it normative law to adjudicate in this world. Example – my friend and I agree that we will each purchase a mega millions ticket each week and if either of us win the big prize we will split it. I win – would bet din say it’s an asmachta so I get to keep it? If so, might I feel ethically bound to split it anyway or would that be wrong because HKBH wanted me to have the whole prize”? If I gave 1/2 would I still have to give maaser ksafim on the whole thing and my friend on 1/2?… (We never won 🙁 )

I recently heard a rabbi commenting on kosher in the US versus Europe. “We are so blessed in America…. companies run to us for hechsher… so we don’t buy anything without a hechsher “. I seem to remember the Rav saying that Jews have dealt with the challenge of adversity better than with the challenge of wealth. (e.g., let’s wait comfortably here for the Messiah)

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