Audio Roundup 2023:29

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by Joel Rich

My Comment: IMHO the main issue is: “We are not oblivious to the frustration that parts of Israeli society sense concerning economic, military, and other issues and are willing to engage in dialogue to resolve it. ” Up to now it seems that there is no overlap between the minimal goals of the rest of society and the maximum goals of shareidi society and thus no mutually agreeable resolution has been identified (even if both sides honestly wanted dialog/resolution) If this is so, then each side will identify its best alternative to a negotiated solution which will result in more we and less us.
Your thoughts?

Rashi’s position on why a public sabbath violator is considered to be like an idol worshiper is based on it being equivalent to idol worship rejecting HKBH as creator. I was thinking about whether this is normative law or might depend on time and place. For example, today someone who is a complete atheist determinist. Is he considered like an idol worshiper or since he has not accepted any other God then he’s not in that category?

More of interest to me is what if there were something today That was considered a total rejection of God as creator. For example, to being uncircumcised. Clearly, in the past this was not considered a more general rejection of God but might that circumstance be based on time or place.


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