Audio Roundup 2023:27

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by Joel Rich

Any thoughts on why the chacham tzvi decided to address the golem issue. I understand that they were Kabbalistic masters, who claimed the ability. Perhaps there were also secular myths and stories (alchemists et al)

A couple of questions came up over Shabbat , which I was wondering if you have any insight into
The machloket between Rashi and Tosafot, as to whether kal vachomer or gzeira shaava is the paradigm of needing a tradition seems very late in the game (meeting when would’ve expected to see this disagreement articulated earlier on)

Somewhat similar on Dina dmalchuta, why did it wait until Shmuel to be articulated?

Lastly, on the Gemara in Magilla which discusses saying kriat shma lmafrea the conclusion dvarim hadvarim lo mashma- how would you explain the disagreement to a 13-year-old as to why one party would say that is worthy of a drasha and the other party says no



  • Ari Wasserman,h Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz, Rabbi Dr. Zev Wiener, MD ,Professor Michael Norton,Rabbi Naftali Horowitz -6/3/23 – Shiur 421 – “Living the Dream” – Spending Beyond Our Means

    Live according to your means, live a life of tzniut, and don’t worry about what others have (more than you). Kach mkublani mbeit aviabba.

  • Rabbi Zev Cohen-Pets On Shabbos

    Really pets are muktzeh on shabbat but “the world has changed”. (me-meaning people aren’t asking shailot) so we rely on a minority opinion (me-did I ever mention that halacha is a delicate dance between the rabbinate and the laity?)

  • Rabbi Baruch Simon-How many people need to be davening at a minyan
    When do we say rubo (or something less than kulo) is kkulo? The specific application here is for the question of whether you need all ten davening to have tfila btzibur?
  • Rabbi Michael Taubes-Parshas Nasso Bircas Kohanim (in Chutz LaAretz) When Yom Tov Falls on Shabbos

    Background on saying birchat cohanim (especially in chul) and discussion of different practices when yom tov falls on shabbat.

  • Rabbi Isaac Rice-A Guide for Yisraelim to Birchas Kohanim

    Basic rules for yisraelim for birchat Cohanim including is really is a blessing, focus wait your turn and say amen.

  • Rabbi Yona Reiss-From the Dayan’s Desk #120 – Paying Taxes, part 1

    The shiur sifts through the various talmudic sources concerning paying taxes. While there may be limited circumstances not to pay them (“unfair government”), the overwhelming majority of situations require payment!

    Interesting insight from R Asher Weiss dina dmalchuta dina cases go “basar taama” (so if it’s a rule generally not enforced, we don’t treat it as a chok).

  • Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman-The Controversy Over the Hetter Iska Klali

    All parties to a heter iska transaction should fully understand it (or else may be ribit). OTOH it may be best for an individual or business to have a general heter iska to avoid unwitting ribit.

  • Rabbi Moshe Taragin-End of the Year Questions and Answer Session: Kaballah in the Modern World; Politics and Halacha; Chazal’s Science and Medicine; Technology, Transhumanism and Halacha; Should You Only Learn Torah You Enjoy ?

    Q and A including: relating to kabala in halacha in halacha, relating to legislation, specifically against halacha v that against our general morality, internalizing halacha and associated midot, understanding chazal interacted with “incorrect science”, evaluating technology long term and enjoying learning, and balance within avodat hashem.

  • Rabbi Ike Sultan-How are there Eruvin in big cities like LA, Chicago, NYC, Brooklyn, Yerushalayim, Toronto, and London

    Big city eruvim are hard to support halachically. What do they rely on?

  • Rabbi Michael Rosensweig-B’Tzelem Elokim; Privacy & Respect

    Privacy and confidentiality are all subsumed under tzelem elokim. A number of halachot/midot demonstrate this (eg hatznea lalecht, areivut). Counter-pressures exist when there is a toelet.

  • <a href=” Rabbi Hershel Schachter-Chazaras HaShatz

    R YBS on tfilat hatzibur including specific halachic conequences (eg for heicha kedusha, not saying baruch hu baruch shmo …)

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter-Nesias Kapaim

    What is the status of nsiat capaim today? Issues include: only one cohain, bracha if duchened more than once already, purpose of chazan calling out psukim, katan duchening, shomea koneh and details of actual physical practices.

  • Rabbi Zev Smith-Action that are Dangerous

    Sakana is chamura misura. How do we take into account nishtana hatevaim, shomer ptaim, dashu be rabim and lo kapid? Specific applications discussed.

  • Rabbi Doniel Osher Kleinman-Parshas Naso: Birkas Kohanim 5.0

    How high and in what position must cohanim hold their arms/hands during duchening? Can they (and leviim) walk in front of someone saying shmoneh esrai in order to get to the duchen?

  • Professor Steven Fine-Sparks of History: Ancient Synagogues of the Diaspora

    Description of old diaspora shuls – what we know and don’t know about their form and content.

  • Rabbi Yehuda Turetsky-Rav Dessler on Free Will: Appreciating His Unique Approach

    Discussion of nkudat (or shetach) habechira – you continue to get credit for already conquered territory! You need to continually identify areas for further improvement (battle).

  • Rabbi Asher Weiss-Rav Asher Weiss Chizuk and Q & A to Aish Gesher

    Q and A at aish hatorah including: chizuk for learning, pursuing a career in chinuch, we don’t believe in evolution (me-really?), kavana bmitzvot and btfila, listening to music today, OCD, army sh”ut, and what makes shabbat a shvita hanikerret.

  • Rabbi Dr. Seth Mandel-A Behind the Scenes Look of the Kosher Slaughter House

    Outstanding insider’s view of shechita starting with the centralization of production and supervision over the last century. Glatt and bet yosef don’t mean smooth, just a higher threshold for sirchot. There are different mesorahs in different areas but you really have to be in the production facility to understand what’s really going>

  • Rabbi Ezra Schwartz-Issur Veheter 5783 # 118 Are the kulas of pas akum hutra or dechuya

    Is pot akum hutra (tosfot) or dchuya (rosh)? Obvious implications discussed.

  • Rabbi Moshe Walter-Making Early Shabbos- What Do I Need To Know?

    Parameters of early shabbat discussed (from when, when can/must one say kiddush, kriat shma, birchat hamazon and sfira). The Gra was against it.

  • Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner-Legal Ethics: Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Law

    Case studies include: gezel, gneivat daat, lo tachmod, and paying for lower quality work.

  • Rabbi Asher Weiss-פרשת שלח: מצוות ציצית

    What is the nature of the chiyuv of lighting shabbat candles – shalom bayit, kavod or oneg shabbat? R Weiss holds that tosefet or is fine (You don’t need to turn off the electric lights before lighting).

  • Rabbi Shay Schachter-Post Shavuos Commitments & The Day to Day Religious Experience

    Small steps with focus on details can lead to great accomplishments.

  • Rabbi Baruch Simon-North Shore Shiur and Q&A: Keviut of Kedushat Yisrael

    How do we determine Jewish status (kdushat ysrael) based on mother’s status at conception or birth?

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter-Purim

    Topics include: defining bfarhesia (kiddush hashem vs davar shebikdusha), esther’s living with achashveirosh (assura lbaala?), achieving one’s destiny, women writing a megila, mesora of megila text, and when should the megila be read?

  • Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb-The Importance – and Chidush – of Pirkei Avos

    Introduction to a pirkei avot series. What makes pirkei avot so special (wisdom/mesora) and what are some of the themes that are transmitted in the first mishna?

  • Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner-Legal Ethics: Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Law

    AI “assistant issues including: disclosure, expectations, privacy, copyright (intellectual property) violations, and liability for errors.

  • Rabbi Hershel Schachter-Parshas Naso
    Starts with parsha thoughts including: the golden mean sotah, kuzari history, and is there such a thing as a dvar rshut? The majority of the shiur deals with the halachot of brit including: nefel, mikva, convert out, done by non-frum, bnai ketura, and much more!
  • Rabbi Osher Weiss-פרשת בהעלתך: נרות שבת

    Comparing the mitzvot of tzitit and mezuza – what is the trigger for each and how do we understand the bracha text? Perhaps the distinction is that one (tzizit) is on the individual but the other (mzuza) is on the bayit. Also covered, is the bracha on the maaseh (yes) or the kiyum?

  • Rabbi Jonathan Muskat -May I attend the wedding of a close relative to a non-Jew? May I honor a public Shabbat violator at a communal fundraiser? The parameters of chanufa

    Chanufa is very much dependent on the specific circumstances – what will people actually think about why you choose to honor the person/event?

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