Audio Roundup 2023:25

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by Joel Rich

Comment to a magid shiur concerning learning priorities:

One way of looking at it is that life is all about having manageable and realistic expectations based on what dives your life meaning. In the US, starting in the 1970s, there began, unintentionally(?), a huge experiment of reallocating parental time away from children and to work for both spouses in a marital unit. It doesn’t seem talked about too much but I’m sure someday there will be a study to determine the impact. I imagine that in the child centered orthodox society the results will be even more marked. No, I’m not just talking about women learning it but I think this is a good example. If both spouses are totally committed to learning/teaching Torah is there a downside? All this analysis would be based on data, not anecdotes.

I often think about the give-and-take for leaders who didn’t have children (e.g. Chazon Ish, Lubavitcher Rebbe) I know we’re not allowed to speak this out loud , but it’s worth considering at least as far as our own trade-offs.

Comment to a magid shiur concerning codes and organization:

Keep in mind please that my comments are not constrained by any formal knowledge (that’s a true general statement!)

I completely agree about the Rambam being a master organizer, the ability to intake all of the oral and written law and output an organized, concise code is beyond my comprehension.

I have an intuitive sense that having started with the sefer hamitzvot for the mishna torah blueprint, his specific rulings were consciously made in the context of their impact on every other ruling in the MT. I almost think of it as an artificial intelligence with an almost infinite number of nodes. (AI psak is another fascinating topic)

I’m sure the Tur was also aware of all the TSBP but I wonder if it’s in any way similar to what some commentators think that Rashi was primarily concerned about the specific page in front of him, versus Tosfot who were concerned about coherence of the entire corpus of TSBP.

טור אורח חיים הקדמה

ויען כי ארכו לנו הימים בגלותינו ותשש כחנו. ………. על כן העירוני רעיוני ומחשבותי ועם לבבי אשיחה אמרים. אקומה נא ואסובבה בבתי יעבץ תרעתים שמעתים סוכתים סופרים ואבינה בספרים. ואלקטה שנים ושלשה גרגרים בראשי האמרים מדברי המחברים. ואחבר ספר בענין התפלות והברכות ואסדרם כל דבר ודבר ברכתו הראויה לו תחלה וסוף ואבררם בענין שלא ישאר בהן ספק:
Of course, I can’t prove any of that. It’s just a gut feeling. Your thoughts?

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