Audio Roundup 2023:14

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by Joel Rich

If one has a choice of being one of the first 10 to the minyan or putting on taalit and tfillin in the entrance hallway of the building that has the shul, which gets priority? If one has a choice of being one of the the building that has the shul, which gets priority?

From Tzarich Iyun blog
1.When Gedolim speak and the public ignores them, the result is disgrace for Torah and its greatest carriers. I assume that this is often a reason for the silence of Gedolim. But still, in difficult times, when the entire community is confused, we can only look to our Sages for advice, hoping to fulfill the Torah instruction “You shall do all you are instructed to do.” To do so, we need instruction. We need to hear the voice of the Torah.

2.Although our own government does not necessarily provide justice, honesty, goodness, and charity, and is certainly not adored by Charedi Jews living under its rule, it still provides order, ensures compliance with laws, and does much good besides (including massive support of Torah story).

3.In the meantime, our public cry must continue until we see the whole community—fixers, politicians, and even talmidei chachamim and Rabbis joining the cause and working to mend that which requires mending in our public life.

There’s just so much to discuss on this, but I’ll limit myself to these 3 points

  1. I imagine the response might be that if we were to speak out not only would Torah be defamed by our being ignored but we would also have lost the ability to make change where it is possible (halacha in practice imho is a delicate dance between the leadership and the community – see R’ Henkin’s hy”d taaroch lfanai shulchan on this element of the aruch hashulchan’s psak. ) In the outside world personal issues would also be an issue in positions of authority – who do the gedolim turn to for help with human blinds spots?

2.We live in a time of public extremes -in practice, either you are unserer or not. Unfortunately, real life is more nuanced and this is one of the prices paid.

  1. In the outside world you hear very similar calls in totalitarian states (e.g. China, Iran) Perhaps it takesa supermajority of brave folks to bring change

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