Audio Roundup 2023:11

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by Joel Rich

From R’YBS
‘Historically Jews have fared poorly when subjected to the trial of wealth. When a Jew acquit excessive wealth, he becomes animal-like. While the nations of the world divert a portion of the wealth towards spiritual matters, towards culture, towards higher ideals, under similar circumstances the Jew takes on the trappings of a vulgar, cynical materialism. And Jeshurun became fat a rebelled (Deut. 32:15) is the characteristic reaction of the Jew to wealth. For some unknown reason a Jew cannot combine the dew of the heavens with the fatness of the earth (Gen. 27:28). Having on he cannot have the other.
On the other hand, when confronted with the trial of poverty or suffering, the Jewish people have fared very well. A Jew does not spill blood when he is hungry. When he is hungry, he senses the hunger of his fellow; when he is cold, he feels his brother’s discomfort. Derashot Harav, pp. 116-11

What can I add? Do you think it’s accurate?

To a maggid shiur:
Your recent class was on the topic of “reward” for sponsoring a shiur is on a topic that I find fascinating. In particular, it has always seemed to me that the dedication of already scheduled learning is certainly a charitable act to be encouraged. Of course, I am not God‘s accountant, but it doesn’t seem that the reward for learning Torah in that case would be transferable, except perhaps to the extent that more people attend due to the dedication. I have to wonder though do any local Rabbis point that out to sponsors?
Your thoughts?

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